Fulani Faces Trouble Within NYIP

New York State Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay has asked the party’s state committee to recall Dr. Lenora Fulani along with Vice-Chairman Cathy Stewart and 3 other members from the state’s executive committee during the Party’s September 18th committee meeting.

Section XII, Article 2 - Sub-section (b) of the NY State Independence Party Rules states:

Any officers of the State Committee or members of the State Executive Committee against whom recall has been initiated may be removed from office by a vote of not less than fifty-five (55) percent at the same meeting of the State Committee weighted (vote).

“I would like to make it clear, that Independence Party is made up of many hard working people who want to see true reform in our nation’s political process. Dr Fulani and her followers make it clear that they have a personal agenda that does not reflect our party’s ideals. Dr. Fulani’s continuing need to falsely portray herself as the leader of the Independence Party along with her inflammatory, wrongheaded remarks about the Jewish people has caused our party’s leadership to take this action”, Said, NY State Independence Party Chairman, Frank MacKay.

The following is the letter sent to the state committee members by the party chairman:

Dear Member of the State Committee:

The Independence Party of New York has always been a party of lively intellectual discussion, serious debate and transformation. In our short history, we have grown to become the third largest political party in the State, and one of the most active third parties in the Nation. We have done so by challenging our leadership, as was the case when we implemented local autonomy for our county organizations, challenging the status quo by permitting unaffiliated independents to vote in our primaries, and by challenging ourselves to support ethical, independent elected officials.

Our party is a ‘big tent’ ...

We pride ourselves on this notion, but lately our Party has been blighted in the press by remarks made by certain members of the Party. WE have become characterized as a brand of ‘leadership’ that tolerates bigotry and hatred. Despite my strong objections, several members of the State Executive Committee have continually re-affirmed their disturbing social commentary in the state and national press—and continue to portray themselves as the leadership of the Independence Party of New York. The enclosed articles document these assertions.

We are NOT a Party that takes positions on social issues: We are the Party of political reformists and reform. It is therefore very disconcerting to me, and numerous members of the State Executive Committee, that we are heading down such a dangerous and destructive path.

Once again, we are at another important juncture in our Party’s history, and once again we are being called to challenge ourselves for the good of our members, future members and the mission that we have set out to achieve. Collectively, we must a take a strong stand against incendiary remarks that reap short-term publicity for one group, and at the expense of our Party’s longevity and positive image in the state and the nation.

Therefore, for the reasons stated above, please be advised that, pursuant to Article XII, Section 2 of the party rules, this letter will serve as official notification to the State Committee that, as Chairman of the Independence Party of New York, I am initiating a recall of the following individuals to be voted upon at our meeting scheduled for September 18, 2005:

Lenora Fulani - Member of State Executive Committee Cathy Stewart - Vice Chair, State Executive Committee Harry Kresky - Member of State Executive Committee, and Co-Chair Rules Committee Jessie Fields - Member of State Executive Committee Gary Sinawski - Member of State Executive Committee


Frank M. MacKay
State Chairman

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