A Few Items…

Green blogger Ken Sain has more on the on-going troubles of Green Party Minneapolis city councilman Dean Zimmermann.

The Vermont Progressive Party, quite possibly the most successful single-state third party in the nation, has a candidate for Congress. State Representative David Zuckerman has entered the mix.

Politics1.com reports that a new Washington Post poll puts independent Russ Potts at 5% in the Virginia gubernatorial election. Potts will soon face the Democratic nominee in a two-way debate, Republican Jerry Kilgore refused to debate Potts unless he reached the 15% mark.

2 Responses to “A Few Items…”

  1. Big Sexy Says:

    If Zuckerman wins look for the progs to go nation-wide. They might have some luck in the south and mid-west, where democrat has become a ugly word.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I’m surprised they haven’t yet…

    If they do, I would almost wonder if the Greens would fold into them.

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