A Second Green Legislator?

The only nationally organized third party with a state legislator at the moment is the Green Party, which holds a single seat in the Maine State House.

Green blogger Ken Sain reports that there is now hope of the Green Party gaining a second seat in a Pennsylvania special election to be held next week. Marlene Santoyo, a Democratic committeewoman with a long record as a progressive activist, is carrying the Green banner. It still looks like it could be an uphill battle, but we’ll definitely keep our eye on this race!

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3 Responses to “A Second Green Legislator?”

  1. Fred C. Says:

    I think you meant “nationally organized third party” there ;)

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Doh. Corrected. :)

  3. Third Party Watch » Blog Archive » Santoyo a Very Distant Second Says:

    [...] It appears that those working to elect a second Green Party state legislator will not be happy with the results from tonight’s special election in Pennsylvania. As we had reported on several days ago, some had hopes that Marlene Santoyo would be successful in bringing out the votes for a low turn-out special election in the 200th district. [...]

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