Feds Raid Green Councilman’s Home

Some interesting news from Minneapolis…

Federal agents executed a search warrant at the home of Minneapolis City Council member Dean Zimmermann today. Zimmermann, a Green party member who is seeking re-election, was not available for comment, but his campaign manager, Lauren Maker, said the agents spent three hours at his home.

Maker said the agents confiscated everything relating to Zimmermann’s campaign, including financial records and a pre-primary mailing in process. Maker said the agents told her the affidavit attached to the warrant was sealed, so she was unable to explain the purpose of the search.

But Maker also said the agents took Zimmermann’s personal financial records as well.

Zimmermann, a first term council member, is seeking re-election and because of redistricting is in the same ward as council vice president Robert Lilligren, a DFLer.

“They shut down the campaign,” Maker said. “It’s politically motivated.”

Maker said she drew that conclusion because of the timing five days before the primary.


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    More about Zimmermann:



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