Jore’s Pocket Picked!

This is an absolute outrage!

From Ballot Access News:

On September 6, former Constitution Party state legislator Rick Jore of Montana received a letter from his bank, notifying him that his Democratic opponent in last year’s election had successfully emptied out his bank account, in accordance with a court order. That court order requires Jore to pay $15,664 in legal fees to his opponent’s attorney. Jore had not sued anyone last year. Instead, his Democratic opponent had sued him to obtain a recount. The original tally had resulted in Jore’s being seated in the legislature. The Montana Supreme Court had reversed the original tally and ruled that his Democratic opponent had been elected instead. Under strange Montana rules, when a candidate loses a lawsuit involving recounts, a court has the discretion to order the losing candidate to pay attorney’s fees for the winner.

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  1. Joe Says:

    This is an outrage. The clear message is “don’t run as an alternative party candidate or we will ruin you.”

  2. Big Sexy Says:

    This is just plain wrong! First he is robbed off his seat, then robbed for real!

  3. rj Says:

    This guy will have so much public sympathy, there’s no way he couldn’t win in 2006.

  4. Rob D. Says:

    I’m not surprised by anything anymore. It just adds more fuel to the fire as far as I’m concerned. The day that all 3rd parties march in unison to demand our right to be heard, is the day this closed 2 party system will begin to end.

    Our voices, our ideas, our opinions, are lumped into the mix and painted as either Republican or Democrat. We are called bleeding heart liberals if we disagree with Republicans. We are called fox-watching-neocons if we disagree with Democrats. We are neither, and we need to stand up together so we can be counted. This left-right (Democrat/Republican) paradigm has produced nothing but partisan hacks.

    I’m switching the focus of my political efforts squarely on toppling this 2 party system. was a small taste of what needs to be done.

    FYI…I ran across this guy’s blog today as I was going through a fellow libertarian’s blogroll. I felt compelled to respond to his latest posting. I tell ya, it’s not too hard to find partisan hackery going on. Just be sure to call people out on it EVERY CHANCE you get.

  5. Rob D. Says:

    Just after I posted this, I googled “badnarik” in the news section and this article came up.

    the link

    We need to keep hammering this message away, otherwise we will continue to be ignored.

  6. Vincent Darrah Says:

    Many have asked if any action has been taken against

    me to collect the fees for Big Spring/Windham
    attorneys. Hadn’t heard a thing until today. The mail
    contained a letter from our bank stating that a Writ
    of Execution had been served to them by Lake County
    Sheriff Baron. The bank gave them everything in our
    accounts except one penny. A total of $568.60, which
    includes a $60 fee for the Sheriff and a $25 “levy
    fee” to the bank. The Writ was signed by Judge
    Christopher on the 25th of August and stipulates
    10% interest will be charged from June 16.

    Obviously, we will not be putting any money in those
    accounts and will not be writing checks. I suspect
    that with no money to access they will turn to my
    personal property and perhaps to my real property, as
    that is what the Writ commands the Sheriff.

    I will give them nothing voluntarily and will continue
    holding to my position. We are not looking for
    sympathy. We only seek justice.

    Rick and Nancy Jore

  7. Austin Cassidy Says:


    What’s the source of that statement?

  8. Vincent Darrah Says:

    Rick Jore himself wrote to a friend of mine who is a officer in the National Constitution Party. He posted the note on a CP message board for all of us to see

  9. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Can you share that link possibly?

    (I’d like to post this on the main page, just need a confirmation link)

  10. Vincent Darrah Says:

    it can be found on the constitutionalists group in yahoo groups, or just email me and I will send you a copy of the entire posting. [email protected]

  11. Vincent Darrah Says: try that link

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