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Well, the Libertarian Party finally posted a little message on their website that addresses the hurricane. I’m kind of surprised this took more than a week to put together.

A week after New Orleans and other cities along the Gulf Coast were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina—leading to what is being called the largest evacuation in the United States since the Civil War—millions of dollars in private donations have been given to help the displaced thousands.

According to news reports, more than 500,000 people were evacuated due to the storm, with many evacuees traveling to Texas and South Carolina, and to the northern parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. Others made their way to more distant parts of the country to stay with family and friends until it is safe to return home—assuming there is still a home to which they can return. Vinson Mouser, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Louisiana, reports that he has been assisting in relief efforts in the southern portion of his state; we’ll have a complete report on that project as details become available. Representatives of the national Libertarian Party express their condolences to all those who lost family members and friends in the tragedy. Members of the staff at Libertarian Party headquarters in Washington, D.C., are currently trying to track down party members in the Gulf Coast region, in an effort to determine what assistance they need—whether it be for material goods, for a place to stay, or for simple moral support during this time of disaster.

As this information comes in, we will relay the needs to our membership via this site and through e-mail in an attempt to secure aid for those who need it.

All who wish to provide assistance for the thousands who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina are encouraged to monitor this site. And if you happen to know of other relief action taken by representatives of the Libertarian Party, please let us know.

Still nothing from the Constitution Party.

5 Responses to “Libertarian Response…”

  1. Tony Torres Says:

    I just spoke with someone at national who explained to me that the delay in the LP reaction was simply due to the fact that a lot of the (already small) staff was off last week. Shane Cory is on top of it and there should be more on Katrina up shortly.

  2. Crunk Says:

    The LP response should be interesting…I’d like to see a free-market response to a Cat 4 hurricane. :-/

  3. joe average Says:

    the red cross is private. they are extremely qualified, along with a great many other religious/charitable organizations, to handle the effort. they merely need to let the feds get out of the way so they can do their job.

  4. Big Sexy Says:

    I liked to see how the Red Cross would deal with the armed looters, and the broken levees. You need Guardsmen(Miltia) and Army Engineers. Unless somebody out there has a private army(with about 200 helicopters), the U.S. Goverment needs to be involved.

  5. Lex Says:

    If New Orleans had been privately owned, it would have had its own security force, and the levees probably wouldn’t have been left in a state insufficient to protect it from an all-too-likely Cat 4 hurricane. If damages weren’t minimized, and loss of life resulted from negligence in organizing a rescue, the owners would be subject to huge lawsuits.

    If people weren’t forced to support a monopoly government based on where they live, and could join their own governing organizations, the various local and state governing organizations would cooperate in rescue and security operations, while focusing on saving their own members.

    All that is pure theory, though. In the system we have, delays in the government (at all levels) organizing rescue operations are unconscionable. Cutting funding to prevent one of the three most likely major disasters (as recognized by the government itself), in order to fund a war of aggression, should be considered a crime.

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