Hurricane Reactions…

Seven days after the storm hit, we still have NO COMMENT from the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party?? Seriously, what gives here?

The Green Party offers a donation information resource on their site…

The Communist Party, USA demands full federal support for Katrina victims.

The America First Party has totally redesigned their website to pitch for donations.

The Workers World Party is all over the story, claiming racism and oppression of minorities…

The Socialist Party USA has posted a statement denouncing city and state officials for failing to properly prepare in the days leading up to the storm…

The American Labor Party weighed in on the reaction to the storm.

The Pot Party website makes some mention of the disaster.

Hell, even the American Nazi Party has issued a statement on the storm. Ummm… of course, their statement was a little different than most. It’s completely insane and difficult to read both for the offensive content and for the extremely poor structure and wild over-use of capitalization and punctuation.

12 Responses to “Hurricane Reactions…”

  1. Chuck Brothers Says:

    While the National Constitution party hasn’t updated its webpage with a statement about Hurricane Katrina, the Georgia Constitution Party has. I’ll try to find out why national hasn’t reacted.

  2. Fred C Says:

    Most likely because the CP website is updated rarely in non-election years. I wouldn’t say this isn’t the kind of thing they’d comment on, but it’s never seemed to me like they’ve made an active national site a priority. IMO, all national 3rd Party sites should be updated as often as the Socialist parties do.

  3. Mike N. Says:

    Another opportunity wasted by the LP…. doesn’t surprise me.

  4. Seth Dilday Says:

    The LP now has a response on the main page of their website.

  5. Jim 101 Says:

    Shame on the Constitution Parties lack of response!

    I simply cannot believe that one of the largest of the third parties haven’t updated their web-site during this extreme tragedy to make a comment of sympathy and comfort, and even solicit donations. How difficult would that be? With so many American citizens in distress, and need, it’s simply unforgivable.

    Is it any wonder why third parties continue to struggle?


  6. Big Sexy Says:

    The American Party might want to take this qoute down of their frontpage:
    “Federal aid to anything is like giving your left arm a transfusion from your right arm through a leaky tube and calling yourself enriched!” Thomas Jefferson Anderson, American Party Candidate for Vice-President in 1972, for President in 1976 and National Chairman for most of the 1970’s!

    Also, nothing about the hurricane:(

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