Pawlowski Qualified for Matching Funds


Libertarian candidate for Governor of New Jersey, Jeff Pawlowski, was trying to raise $300,000 by September 1st in order to obtain matching funds and get into the debates.

It appears that, somehow, he has raised enough money. If the debates will actually occur is a little up in the air right now… but here is the announcement from the Pawlowski campaign website:

Thanks to all your support, we are able to apply to be in the debates. We’re not out of the woods yet. The bureaucrats still have to examine our application, and we expect them to say we are not eligible. We may have to bring suit against NJ ELEC to compel them to follow the law and let us participate.

This qualification process has also drained our bank accounts. We need your help now more than ever. We need to buy airtime, print ads, billboards, etc. If you already gave, you allowed us to apply to be in the debates. If you were waiting to see how we did, it’s now time for you to donate.

Also, as a sort of strange publicity stunt, the campaign is selling political influence on eBay. The link.

12 Responses to “Pawlowski Qualified for Matching Funds”

  1. Mike N. Says:

    Does anyone know if this guy stands a crdible chance? I haven’t followed the race, so any enlightenment would be great. I will definitely donate if there is hope here….

  2. George Phillies Says:

    He has raised enough to get in, it appears, which shows that there is L money available. He has also showed he has the ability to do serious fundraising, whcih is pretty good.

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I would be curious to know how much cash on hand they have.

  4. Big Sexy Says:

    I wouldn’t think they have that much cash, because the things on e-bay are going rather cheap.

  5. Patrick Henry Says:

    Neither of the duopoly party candidates intend to take public funds and therefore the NJ ELEC rules DO NOT apply for debates. There will be no debates to which the NJLP candidate will be invited. That both duopoly party candidates intend NOT to take public funding is a matter of lonf standing public record. Call their campiagn HQs and ask!


    Just like the Drag outfit, the political influence certs and the lack of issues addressed on the candidates web its all a FRAUD.

    The sensible NJLP candidates running for the Assembly should disassociate themself from these lies and stunts.

  6. Patrick Henry Says:


    The last time the NJLP bothered to update its platform was over eight years ago….when Murray Sabrin ran as the NJLP candidate!

  7. Patrick Henry Says:

    Todays NJ Star Ledger (Sept. 7, 2005) reports what many all have been saying for months on various forums, including TPW. Todays report states that both duopoly party candidates will not avail of any public funds and that any debates will be sponsored by private state-wide groups and will not include any third party candidates. As the duopoly party candidates are not taking public matching funds they need not abide by the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission (NJ ELEC) provisions for debate and are NOT obligated to invite any candidate reaching the $300.000 fund mark to any debates.

    The fact that both duopoly party candidates would refuse public funds was NO SECRET here in NJ.

    We also note that no one from the NJLP has ever replied to the assertions made to this effect on TPW or other forums.

  8. John L. Says:

    Qualifying certainly makes Jeff’s campaign more viable. If the other candidates run and hide from the NJ ELEC sponsorerd debates thats a plus for Jeff. Qualifying also gives him more leverage to push any private run groups into including him in the debates.

    According to a document posted on elec’s website, qualifying for matching funds is not the same as qualifying for the debates. This document seems to indicate that forrester is interested in qualifying for the debates. See

    So we may have a real debate after all.

  9. Patrick Henry Says:

    Nonsense…niether dupoly candidates are taking public funds and are therefore NOT subject to NJ ELEC guidelines! This applies to debates. This is the point and this was a fact known months ago. See todays NJ Star Ledger which confirms that the duopoly candidates will only debate each other under private, not public sponsorship. Even if Jeff showed up in drag, smoked a joint and carried an assualt rifle, I doubt they would include him! NJ ELEC rules DO NOT apply to candidates who refuse public funds. That is the point!

    What would make Jeffs campaign more “viable” is if he and his party had a party to run upon, if his campaign web addressed issues and if he raised the funds honorably.

  10. George Whitfield Says:

    Well, now it appears that both Corzine and Forrester have said that they will debate Jeff Pawlowski. I am glad he persisted in raising funds for his campaign. Good going Jeff and all Libertarians who donated.

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