Libertarians & Greens Working Together

The Green Party of Wisconsin, which has been working on several big anti-war projects for a while now, is getting some fresh help.

The Full Press Release Follows:

The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Green Party have joined in calling for support for U.S. troops in Iraq by bringing them home as soon as possible.

The Green and Libertarian Parties both oppose the current U.S. occupation. Both believe war should be waged only to defend the United States, and that the war on Iraq did not meet that condition. Both parties’ 2004 presidential candidates proposed withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. Both are concerned that the longer the U.S. occupation remains in Iraq, the more long-term will be the damage. They agree the best thing for the United States and Iraq is to bring U.S. troops home as quickly as possible. “The United States was not threatened by Iraq,” said Jill Bussiere, Co-chair of the Wisconsin Green Party. “Many of us knew there were no weapons of mass destruction well before the invasion, and the administration knew it too, having fixed the ‘intelligence around the policy’ as the Downing Street memo notes. Now, we find that the invasion and occupation of Iraq have decreased our national security - just the opposite of what the administration claims.”

The two parties take different strategies in their attempt to end the occupation, yet they support each other’s efforts.

The Wisconsin Green Party is promoting a “Bring the Troops Home NOW!” referendum on the April ballot in as many cities and villages as possible. The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin is calling upon Governor Doyle to bring home the National Guard troops.

“We are building a coalition of patriotic citizens to get a referendum on the ballot so that Wisconsin voters have a chance to voice their opinion,” said Jeff Peterson, who is coordinating the Bring the Troops Home referendum. “Giving voters a voice about the war is an exercise in democracy.”

“We call upon Governor Doyle to bring the troops home,” said Arif Khan, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin. “Units of the 32nd Brigade have been called to active duty, not as a last line of defense to protect Wisconsin and the nation from foreign invaders, but to be deployed overseas to occupy a country which the Governor and President now know was not a threat to the U.S. Wisconsin National Guard units belong in Wisconsin, to protect our ‘Homeland’”

This month Governor Doyle told departing Wisconsin National Guard troops at Volk Field, “You are the ones going off and making this sacrifice so that Wisconsin can continue being the wonderful state in which we all live.”

“If you believe that Wisconsin Guard troops are needed in Iraq to protect Wisconsin, I have a bridge over the Black River for sale,” offered Ed Thompson, former Libertarian candidate for governor. “President Bush misused his powers to justify the federalization of the National Guard and the dispatch of Wisconsin National Guard units to fight in Iraq,” said Thompson. “Since there was no threat to the United States, the Bush administration had no constitutional jurisdiction to send troops to Iraq.”

“The National Guards were developed to provide security in the case of domestic unrest and help states with dealing with natural disasters,” said Khan. “In the interests of Wisconsin’s ‘homeland security’, rather than waving goodbye, Governor Doyle should be demanding that all Guard members be immediately returned to the state. Support our Guard troops—bring them home now.”

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