Libertarians Block Tax in Indiana

A victory for Libertarian operatives in Indiana as a food and beverage tax proposal is defeated…

Libertarians in Fishers, Ind., a suburb of Indianapolis with a population of over 53,000, were instrumental in defeating a 1 percent food and beverage tax, making Fishers the only city government in Hamilton County, Ind., that failed to enact the tax.

Efforts to defeat the restaurant tax were coordinated by Indiana Libertarian Party Political Director Brad Klopfenstein and LP Secretary of State candidate Michael Kole. In a recent appearance before the Republican-controlled city council, Klopfenstein stated, “It’s time to stop being tax-and-spend Republicans. We’ll be very eager to run candidates against any council member who votes in favor of the tax.”

In a follow-up, Kole spoke in opposition to the tax explaining that its defeat would give restaurants in Fishers a competitive advantage over restaurants in nearby Marion County, and in other Hamilton County municipalities that have imposed the tax. As Kole stated, the Fishers City Council should seek to make local businesses more attractive, not less.

Working in unison, Klopfenstein and Kole demonstrated once again that mobilized Libertarian activism can pose a significant threat to the tax-and- spend establishment that has been created and implemented by Republicans and Democrats.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana continues to be a “friend of small business,” fighting to end high taxes and government regulations that have stifled commercial development.

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