Panyard Switches Parties

We were one of the first blogs (the first?) to note a recent and substantial trend of formerly “successful” Libertarian candidates defecting to the GOP. Apparently, it’s not confined to just the LP, as now the Constitution Party has lost one of their most promising candidates for 2006.

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In recent weeks the Libertarians have seen several of their ‘06 candidates bolt to the GOP for their next runs. Now the same is happening to the Constitution Party. Retired Pennsylvania Manufacturing Association President Jim Panyard was one of the CP’s most touted candidates for 2006. On Monday, however, Panyard said he would instead run as a Republican in the primary against former Lieutenant Governor Bill Scranton, former pro football player Lynn Swann, and State Senator Jeff Piccola. “This is a war for the future of the Republican Party … the biggest change we need is in the Governor’s office, and the best way to do that is run as a Republican,” he explained. In other PA news, the Dems lost a major congressional candidate in CD-18. Former Stare Treasurer Barbara Hafer—a former Republican—ended her nascent candidacy against Congressman Tim Murphy®, citing health problems related to her husband. This news moves Murphy off the “toss-up” list and now places him in the “GOP favored” category.

3 Responses to “Panyard Switches Parties”

  1. Joe Says:

    That is a real shame. I met Jim at a Constitution Party of Pennylvania meeting and listened to his stump speech. He articulates the Constitution Party platform real well. I don’t see how he expects to receive the nomination of the same party that nominated Arlen Specter.

  2. NewFederalist Says:

    The bottom line is he won’t. Too bad he won’t be around in November to give voters a choice.

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