From The Blogs…

A few notable items from our favorite third party bloggers…

Tim West over at Liberty For Sale issues this plea to libertarians to avoid railing against federal disaster aid for hurricane victims.

Ken Sain talks about how some Green Party affiliates are seeing splits on the city-level, and now some cities now actually have multiple Green Party organizations.

The Libertarian Party’s official blog weighed in on the Hawaiian gas price caps that were put into place last week.

And finally, from Ballot Access News:
The New Mexico Supreme Court is hearing Cobb & Badnarik v New Mexico Canvassing Board (#29095) on August 29, 2005. The issue is whether the two 2004 presidential candidates needed to submit a deposit of $114,000, or $1,140,000, in order to request a recount of last year’s presidential vote.

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  1. Big Sexy Says:

    The NC Greens have the same problem. I hear there is a power struggle over who really controls the state party. Some people say that the N.C. State Campus Greens are in charge, and other peolpe say that the Chapel Hill Greens represent the state. Plus, to confuse matters even more the Charlotte Greens(who at this time, aren’t fighting to control the party) have the most members, and there the ones who got the signatures to get Nader on the ballot. Even thought Cobb was the official canidate.

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