Dickinson Gains Endorsement of NOW

The National Organization for Women has endorsed the Green Party candidate for mayor of St. Paul.

Mayoral candidate Elizabeth Dickinson this week was endorsed by the political arm of Minnesota NOW, the state’s chapter of the National Organization for Women. MN NOW was formed in 1971; the group’s web site defines it as a “grassroots advocate working for women’s rights in Minnesota,” and focusing on a full range of related issues. Candidate endorsement is carried out by a separate political action committee (PAC).

Dickinson welcomed the group’s backing, noting that she had been endorsed by NOW in her 2003 run for St. Paul city council and she “greatly appreciate[s] the support then and now.” She added that her efforts will benefit significantly from the ability to interact with NOW’s membership. Her campaign accepts no financial support from PACs, she said — a donation check accompanying the endorsement letter will be returned — but she and her staff will contact NOW members individually to ask for their help and for donations.

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One Response to “Dickinson Gains Endorsement of NOW”

  1. Fred C. Says:

    Well I can’t say I agree with NOW or the Green Party (at least not completely) but its always a good thing when a traditionally major party PAC endorses a third party candidate.