Potts to Debate Democrat Alone

Some pretty interesting news from the Virginia governor’s race. As Republican candidate Jerry Kilgore continues to refuse the inclusion of independent candidate and GOP State Senator Russ Potts in the upcomming debate… Democratic candidate Tim Kaine thinks he sees an opportunity.

As such, Kaine has agreed to a one-on-one debate with Potts to follow the Kilgore-Kaine debate.

From The Daily Press:

For Democrat Tim Kaine, the next debate in the Virginia governor’s race will feel like déjà vu all over again.

Moments after Kaine finishes debating Republican Jerry Kilgore on Sept. 13, he will turn around and debate independent candidate Russ Potts, the state senator from Winchester.

Unusual? Such a double header is probably a first in state politics.

“There’s never been anything like this,” said Larry Sabato, a political analyst from the University of Virginia.

The Kaine-Kilgore debate had been set for some time.

The Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce is hosting it, and NBC’s Tim Russert will moderate.

The second debate was announced Tuesday after Kaine extended the invitation to Potts.

Kilgore will remain in the bleachers, although he also received an invitation. The Republican has refused to share a stage with Potts, saying the debates should be between the major-party candidates. Kilgore has agreed to a three-way debate in October if Potts reaches 15 percent in the polls.

Sabato, who would moderate that October debate, said Kaine should benefit from the Fairfax twofer because he’ll get more face time.

“It splits the debate coverage,” he said. “There will be four quarters, and in two of the quarters will be Kaine.”

Fifteen former Fairfax chamber presidents signed a letter urging that Potts be included in the first debate.

But the chamber stuck to its tradition of inviting only the major-party candidates.

“We respect that,” said Kaine spokeswoman Delacey Skinner. “But we thought it was appropriate for Virginia to see all the candidates.”

Since Kilgore doesn’t want to participate, he is welcome to stay and watch, she said. The Kilgore camp says rules are rules. They agreed to the first debate with Kaine - and Kaine only.

The Democrat’s new curve ball smacks of desperation, said Tim Murtaugh, a Kilgore spokesman.

He said Kilgore had already made plans for the rest of the day, and suggested the second debate would have an echo effect.

“We look very much forward to seeing the two liberals in this race debate between themselves over who will raise our taxes the most and the fastest,” he said.

He likened the event to a two-ring circus.

“We will enjoy watching the sideshow,” Murtaugh said, “and seeing which candidate is the better tax increaser.”

Kaine has not advocated raising taxes if elected governor, but he supported them in 2004 as lieutenant governor.

6 Responses to “Potts to Debate Democrat Alone”

  1. Mike N. Says:

    Kudos to Kaine! That is very brave and nobel of him.

    I don’t care who wins that race, but I sincerely hope that Kilgore loses.

  2. Matthew J. Price Says:

    This article proves beyond a shadow of a dout that the only way a Republican can win is by usingthe word Liberal as an insult to smear his competition. Even other Republicans are not safe from this incorrect use of the term liberal. This is the real definition of the word liberal:

    liberal: 1. Open minded: 2. Generous;having or giving freely: 3. Unorthadox; unbeholden to any set system: 4. tolerant; not narrow in one’s ideas or veiws: 5. Favoring progress and reforms: 6. A reformer of economic or political institutions.

  3. Chris Moore Says:

    In Virginia, there are no real liberals. Our current governor is probably the best Republican governor in the country … and he’s a Democrat.

    As for Kaine being brave … I’d say he is being smart. He isn’t debating Potts because of principle. He’s debating Potts because a lot of Republicans aren’t big fans of Kilgore. Kaine plans on winning Virginia by winning the more liberal Northern Virgina big, and he plans on Potts siphons off some of Kilgore’s northern vote.

  4. Brent Says:

    hey Austin congrats on winning a seat in senate seeker i came up short in ok 2 last week and now im leading and im getting close to winning in ok 1 lol i did wy like 2 or 1 but im getting my butt kicked lol and new mexico im losing and in tx free pizza’s district im like 5th with 4 percent but theres like 30 people running so im doing decent there. I hope he loses because he wouldn’t give me any money last week to let me run a few ads to win so yea good luck and keep on truckin.

  5. Centrist Chris Says:

    I think Mark Warner is a Liberal, and I am very glad that Kaine is debating Potts. Like Mike N., I don’t care who wins, as long as it’s not Kilgore. And I agree with Matthew J. Price.

  6. Chris Moore Says:

    I think the fact that Republicans control the house, senate, and presidency go a long way to proving Matthew Price wrong. A majority of the country is “conservative,” especially in Virginia. A New York Democrat would have as much of a chance getting elected in Virginia as Lyndon LaRouche has at winning the presidency.

    I don’t like Kilgore. I can’t stand Kaine. I’m not a huge fan of Potts. So I’ll either sit this one out or vote for Potts. If Warner could have run again, I probably would have voted for him. Every other state was sinking into a fiscal hole. Virginia came through with a surplus and a AAA bond rating. That’s called fiscal conservativism. The man knows how to balance a check book. I can’t say the same for Kaine (or Kilgore for that matter).

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