Gilchrist Announces Congressional Bid!

Founder of the Minuteman Project, Jim Gilchrist, has entered the race to fill the Congressional seat vacated by the recent appointment of Rep. Chris Cox to the Securities and Exchange Commission.
He will be the candidate of the American Independent Party, the California affiliate of the Constitution Party. However, in the “About Jim” section of his campaign website, Gilchrist gives his political affiliation as:

Hybrid—supports Constitution (Independent) Party and Republican Party candidates; occasionally even supports a principled rogue Democrat—who put love of country and fidelity to duty above mere partisan advantage.

The Campaign Website

2 Responses to “Gilchrist Announces Congressional Bid!”

  1. Vincent Darrah Says:

    i didnt know how to contact the webmaster to tell him this officially 2 days ago. I support Jim Gilchrist. And he assured those of us who are members of the Constitution Party that he is 100% pro-life, no exceptions as the CP platform states

  2. Brian Says:

    Way to go Jim! All Constitutionalists and people concerned for the future of our nation should support Jim’s bid for Congress. Go to his website, to find out how you can help him in his congressional bid.

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