“Justice Sunday II” Excludes Peroutka

Family Research Council put on “Justice Sunday II” last weekend at Two Rivers Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. It was the follow-up event for a previous “Justice Sunday” held in April.

Apparently, the Constitution Party wasn’t invited to participate. Taken from this article on Men’s News Daily:

In an exclusive interview, FRC president Tony Perkins responded to MND’s question about whether critics — from both the Left and the Right — are correct that events such as these are merely tools of the Republican Party. “It has nothing to do with party. We see groups coming together that have been divided: Blacks and Whites, Catholics and Evangelicals, Republicans and Democrats.” When asked if future FRC events would include representatives of smaller political parties — such as the Constitution Party (CP) — Perkins replied, “Whenever we see someone that is out front on an issue, such as abortion, that is a person that we might consider.” But, when pressed whether FRC would specifically invite former CP presidential candidate Michael Peroutka, a strong abortion foe, Perkins admitted that he had heard the name, but really knew little about him.

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  1. Chris Campbell Says:

    Odd since Lofton and Peroutka both have met Perkins from what I understand. Tony is drinking too much GOP cool-aid apparently

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