Making Waste an Issue

Two examples today of government waste being made into an issue for third parties…

A Green Party candidate in New Jersey takes on wasteful spending at the county level:

Brian Unger, a Green Party candidate for a Monmouth County freeholder seat, called on the Board of Freeholders to enact an immediate hiring freeze and auction off the “take-home” cars that are assigned to 269 county employees during his two-city campaign launch Tuesday night.

The Libertarian Party site highlights an absurd raise for Pennsylvania State Legislators:

How do you give yourself a pay raise if you’re a politician in Pennsylvania?

Well if you’re the Pennsylvania state legislature you do it during the midnight hours when you hope no one is watching. They raised their pay between 16 to 34 percent during a July midnight session right before leaving for summer vacation. With this pay raise, it makes them the highest paid legislators in the country with the exception of California.

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