Green Candidate Fails to Make Ballot

As a reminder of how important it is to have existing ballot access, or to do a really good job collecting petitions, a Green candidate for Constable in Stamford failed to make the ballot by a mere 15 signatures.

Andrew Cote, who was nominated by the Green Party as a candidate for constable, will not make it onto the ballot this year.

Although the Green Party collected 186 signatures for Cote, the Norwalk Town Clerk’s Office said that many of the signatures were not valid.

“A lot of them were not registered voters,” said Jill Champaigne, an assistant town clerk. “You have to be registered when you sign the petition.”

According to Champaigne, 143 of the signatures collected on Cote’s petition were valid. He needed 158 to get onto the ballot. The news came as a blow to Cote, who returned on Thursday after spending two months in Iraq.

Green Party secretary David Bedell, who was in charge of collecting Cote’s signatures, said that Cote would still be able to run for constable as a write-in candidate, but Cote said that he would rather not take that option.

“It looks like I won’t be on the ballot this year,” he said.

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