Greens Run 10 in Minneapolis

Announcing its largest slate ever of Green candidates for city offices, the 5th Congressional District Green Party in Minneapolis issued a statement of unity today.

“As a local party organization, we are thrilled with the slate of candidates we have endorsed,” said 5th Congressional District Green Party spokesperson Stephen Eisenmenger. “From seasoned incumbents to a young librarian up for Library Board, the local Greens have come together to give the people of Minneapolis a choice.”

The party has endorsed candidates in four citywide races: Farheen Hakeem for Mayor, Annie Young for Park Board (Incumbent), Ian Stade for Library Board, and Dave Berger for Board of Estimate and Taxation.

Fifth District Greens have also endorsed candidates for city council in six of the city’s 13 wards: Cam Gordon, Ward 2; Aaron Neumann, Ward 3; Natalie Johnson Lee (Incumbent), Ward 5; Dean Zimmermann (Incumbent), Ward 6; Reggie Birts, Ward 8; and Dave Bicking, Ward 9.

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