LP Site Update

The Libertarian Party’s main website received a bit of a welcome facelift today with the addition of a nice “Iraq Exit Strategy” logo on the left side.

Most notable, however, is the prominently pictured pitch for Liberty Pledge donations featuring the lovely Jessica Neno Wilson. Wilson is the Development Program Coordinator for the LP and the person you need to contact if you want to begin making monthly pledges to the party.


4 Responses to “LP Site Update”

  1. Douglas E. Says:

    That girl is probably very nice, but she doesn’t look right on the website like that. What’s the point of putting her there?

  2. Tim West Says:

    Doesnt “look” right?

    What do you mean? I honestly dont know.

    She ’s the person at LPHQ that sets you up in the Liberty Pledge Program.

  3. George Whitfield Says:

    Jessica Wilson is a very helpful and friendly person. When I had some questions about my Liberty Pledge she answered them quickly and completely. When I visited National Headquarters to volunteer for a few days last October, she made me feel welcome and wanted. I am glad she is getting some recognition.

  4. Austin Cassidy Says:

    She looks fine to me. :)

    I think maybe they could have taken a sharper and cleaner looking picture of her… maybe with a better camera or something. But I really like it, it puts a personal face on the donation process.

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