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2005 Races to Watch

I’d like to compile a list of some key races for third party and independent candidates for this year. So, this should not include any 2006 Congressional races. Post your suggestions in the comments and I’ll update as I go.

I’m not looking for just “there’s a candidate on the ballot” type races… but the possibility of an actual win or at least very strong showing.

Independent Candidates
- Russ Potts for Governor of Virginia

Green Party
- Elaine Brown for mayor of Brunswick, GA

Libertarian Party
- Jeff Pawlowski for NJ Governor (if he can raise enough money)
- Fred Collins for mayor of Berkley, Michigan

Constitution Party
- Jim Gilchrist for Congress

Post your suggestions and I’ll work on expanding this list!

9 Responses to “2005 Races to Watch”

  1. R.D. Says:

    I would strike off the NJ governor race.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Well, I qualified it with “if he can raise the money” - that’s still a big “if” right now. There might be another candidate in NJ worth looking at, I’m researching that right now.

  3. ABAsite Says:

    NJ Weedman?

  4. George Whitfield Says:

    You should add Fred Collins, the Libertarian candidate for mayor of Berkley, Michigan. He has been a city councilman there for 8 years and re-elected once. His website is I have sent him a contribution and I encourage others to do so. We need to support elected Libertarians as they climb the ladder of elected office.

  5. Fred C. Says:

    I don’t think Gilchrist can run as a republican in the special election, California’s laws are kinda strict concerning running under a party label if you haven’t been registered under it for a certain time.

  6. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Ah… gotcha. Thanks for the info. :)

  7. George Whitfield Says:

    Thanks for adding the Libertarian candidate for mayor of Berkley, Michigan, but his name is Fred Collins not Jim Collins.

  8. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Doh ;)

  9. Vincent Darrah Says:

    Gilchrist is likely to run as an American Independent Candidate (Constitution Party). He admits to voting for Michael Peroutka last election

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