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Official Press Release on LP Reforms

The Libertarian Party has released an official press release that addresses the recent changes in membership and party structure.

The most exciting bit in my opinion? Actually seeing them say this:

“The shift to a zero-dues structure will essentially move the National Libertarian Party from an organization heavily focused on membership to an organization that is focused on winning elections above all else. The national staff has already started planning to make a seamless transition to zero dues and is beginning to develop training programs to assist the states.”

Cool, huh? :)

Read the full press release.

One Response to “Official Press Release on LP Reforms”

  1. Tim West Says:

    25 years in the making. Better late than never. :D

    The most important thing now is to MAKE A MONTHLY PLEDGE with your bank card or credit card. I’ve suggested $25 a month, multiplying the former dues amount by 12. If half that number that paid dues does this, National will clear close to 4 million dollars for the year. If only 25% do it, then National will clear 1,725,000.

    This does not count anything else, just pledges! Subs to LP news, one time donations, other revenue streams will be on top of this figure.

    I myself have pledged 300 a year, and it might go up.

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