A Few News Items…

While the Democrat and Republican have each raised about $11 million, Independent candidate Russ Potts reports raising $463,000 so far in his bid to be the next governor of Virginia. Those numbers cover through June 30.

Green blogger Ken Sain takes a look at the role of third party candidates as spoilers.

From his statement here, it appears that Libertarian Michael Badnarik (now running for Congress in Texas) has actually read something that I posted on this blog. Cool, huh?

Don’t Forget: Third Party Watch’s new message boards and open source encyclopedia.

2 Responses to “A Few News Items…”

  1. Brent Says:

    Most libertarians aren’t bad but Michael Badnarik is way out there lol doesn’t believe in drivers licenses lol

  2. mark san souci Says:

    Read the comment I posted on Badnarik’s blog. I asked him why voters in that district would vote for someone who has already said he is running for President in 2008-a full time job that would commence in ‘06. Why vote for him?