Sharing a little about me…

I’ve gotten several emails since I started this site, some asking what party I’m a member of… if I’ve ever run for office before… that sort of thing.

So, I figured since this site is not about six weeks old, I should probably introduce myself.

My name is Austin Cassidy and I own/run Third Party Watch.

I am also the co-founder of Conservative Pulse, a website that’s a lot more open to different views than it might sound by the name.

I’m 23, about to be 24, and I live in Jacksonville, Florida.

Party Affiliation: Registered and active Republican. In the past I was a dues paying Libertarian and have just recently rejoined the party to see how things are going.

Political Experience: The person who helped me co-found Conservative Pulse is my good friend Stephen Covington. I’ve worked on both of his campaigns as, essentially, an unofficial campaign manager.

The first was a race for a town council post… we worked really hard, and he finished a very close 4th in a 4-way race for 2 seats. Basically we were about 20 votes short of 2nd place.

We put up a ton of these signs…


After that, I decided to take a stab at student government politics. I’m a student at the University of North Florida and an elected Student Senator. I tried running for Student Body President. We hired a plane to circle the campus, spent a small fortune to get 50 professionally made signs done up… spent hours and hours painting giant wooden signs.

We had nice signs…

And we tried…

...and I got about 7% of the vote.

Following this, I was re-elected to the UNF Student Senate in a very close race that cost me about $250…


And then Stephen won a seat on the local Soil and Water Conservation Board, defeating an incumbent and another candidate by a wide margin. This was a huge and exciting victory, he received over 10,000 votes and roughly 46% in a 3-way race.

We won some areas of the county with more than 60%!


Then, I decided to take another stab at Student Body President with Stephen as my new running mate. I put about $3,000 of my own money into the campaign.

We had some good volunteers, but we were outnumbered in most of the polling regions:

The President of the College Republicans. Despite some minor injuries he helped us more than this picture suggests:

We had a LOT of professional quality signs, they cost a lot of money and took a lot of work to put up…

We had buttons…

We had 5,000 pieces of literature, custom t-shirts, ads in the student newspaper, hanging banners, and more… and we had hundreds of dollars in free food.

Yet, because the elections are mostly popularity driven and not issue driven, we still lost… badly.

In fact, we only got 10% of the vote. :(

That, to this point, is my political resume. Not very impressive, though I will say that each student government campaign I’ve been involved with has had a high level of professionalism. More professionally produced looking than any of the competition, and even better looking than many local campaigns for “real” offices.

So… now that I’ve shared some about my experiences… I’d like to hear about yours. What campaigns have you run or worked on? Have any photos you’d like to share?

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  1. NewFederalist Says:

    Nice touch. Very nicely written.

  2. Brian Says:

    Okay, I’ll say a little about myself. Right now I’m fourteen, soon to be fifteen. I am active in Republican politics in Western North Carolina. I became involved in politics in early 2002, after getting interested in 2000. In a Kids Voting program, the first vote I cast was actually for Pat Buchanan. Since beginning my involvement, I’ve twice for a lady running for state house, and this past year for our Congressman’s re-election campaign. I will say that I do have third party tendencies though, as I see the Republicans and Democrats as corrupt. They are both continuing to march down the road to a socialist trash heap.
    Anyway, I’d just like to say how much I enjoy and appreciate this site. Great job Austin!


    Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

  3. Thomas Norton Says:

    Hello, i figured i could introduce myself. First of i have horrable grammer and usually use word in order to strengthin my writting abilities. But i’ll just be me for now. I ran for state house last year in the 73rd district within MI. I lost but was mainly using it as a learning experience which worked. I have been working on trying to connect with people accross the country in order to try to share idea’s and recources that would help get one another elected to local offices. For instance finding way’s to help cut cost on yard signs for one another ect. I have flirtted with almost all third parties except communists withinhe past 6 years; but have found myself to mainly agree with center-right republicians so i am a moderate conservative. That’s the basics

  4. Alex Peak Says:

    I’m the President of the CLT (College Libertarians of Towson), but the story behind that is pretty shallow an uninteresting. Basically, I wanted to join the CLT, the group had basically died from lack of participation, and I became President by defult. The organisation is still pretty much dead, though. I want to do more with it, but lack of members kind’a holds it back.

  5. Jon Curtis Says:

    Are you the Austin Cassidy that I turned The Bull Moose, the quarterly of the Third Party Chapter of the Apic over to in 2000?

  6. Vincent Darrah Says:

    I am older than most of you it seems. I am 39. I was just your typical run of the mill, not interested in politics person, until the recall election in CA. I had talked many times about how Gray Davis and the Legislature had screwed up the state. I didnt like either the Repubs or Democrats as they have always had the power and got us into this mess. So I checked out third parties. I ended up joining the American Independent Party (CA affiliate of the Constitution Party). I gathered signatures for a Candidate for Governor, although we didnt get enough by the time another did, so we let her have the ballot spot. I ran a small email campaign for her from my home. Of course Arnold one, to the chagrin of California who now regret it.

    I later moved to Virginia where I now help build the Constitution party in the Hampton Roads area. I am intending to run for Virginia Beach City Council.

  7. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    All four founders of Citizens For A Better Veterans Home in May 1998 were non Republicans and non Democrats. As smaller party members from San Diego County living on or near the Veterans Home in California - Barstow (San Bernardino County), all came to the conclusion that veterans are primarily campaign props for office seekers, both elected official wanna bees and selected official wanna bees.
    Disgraced Congress Member Duke (“Puke”) Cunningham, the state VFW, AL, DAV and the Libertarian Party proved lethal failures in responding to the real needs of real veterans and thier problems at that time and since.

    In January 1999 we started publishing ‘bettervetshome’. With the help of United We Stand America/ reform party/ RPUSA member John D. Coffey, we folded into the as a special committee on abused veterans.

    Don Lake and Paul Wayne Snyder started to do more and more with the RP USA. Lake and Coffey ended up on the national Communcations Committee. After helping to produce a balanced, readable, reproducable national PRINT news letters where others have not been able to, Lake and Snyder has drifted over to a more general, less formal, and non official reformist news letter. (Give us a usps address for copies….)
    The UNOFFICIAL reformist news letter is geared toward RP USA I (the Shawn O’Hara cabal), RP USA II (the Atlanta/Tampa group), NEW_RPUSA faction, independent reformists, ARP/Integrity Party types, and the MN and, seperately, the NYS Independence Party.

    We decry the out and out corruption and deceipt of the various ‘Reform’ groups, and the many ‘Reform Minded’ individuals whom we have caught in lie after lie. We have also walked away from the stealth Bible Thumpers and CP wanna bees of the New Frontier Coalition (twice), and are currently giving the We The People Coalition a second change on the same old tired issue of sub rose moralizing. If individuals want to back off of fighting criminal corruption and public fraud so that they may be moralizing for or against personal issues, as Nader chose to do so in 2004, that is a sad choice the individual must be prepared to make.

    If smaller parties (second tier political groups) and special focus groups and IRS Code 457 types of groups (third tier) want to include such values based, disruptive, judgemental efforts as formal organizational planks, they do so (as both NFC and WTPC have already discovered) with out our assistance.

    263 Eucalyptus Court, Chula Vista CAlifornia 91910-3030

    619.420.0209, 760.253.2371

    2008? Lou Dobbs and or Donald Trump?

  8. Lance Says:

    I ran for Student Council Treasurer in the 8th grade, I was headed up against a 7th grader, which had the advantage with the 7th grade class being larger then the 8th.

    I gave a pretty good speech and I believe I won over some votes from the 7th graders because of that, and I had the 8th grade vote locked up, for sure. But another 8th grader ran also, stealing probably 5-7 votes from me. I ended up losing to the 7th grader by about 10 votes.

    I could have easily won but the 8th grade orchestra was gone that day and so they couldn’t vote. I had a laminated banner I had in the hallway and pretty cool posters.

    I’m sorta glad I didn’t win though, because Student Council stunk. ;-)

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