Some Random News Items…

Ken Sain reports that a Green Party congressional candidate will stage mini-plays as a campaign tactic. Playwright Bill Davis calls the series the “Green Dialogues” and hopes they’ll attract support for his Congressional bid.

Jim King, past state Chairman of the American Independent Party and the AIP’s 2002 candidate for Lt. Governor has decided to make another run, and has entered the 2006 Lt. Governor contest. In his last race for the office, King polled nearly 90,000 votes and finished fifth behind a Democrat, Republican, Green, and a Libertarian. The AIP is the California state affiliate of the Constitution Party.

The Communist Party USA, not surprisingly, has called for Karl Rove to be fired and criminally tried for his role in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

And finally, the Reform Party’s website seems to be broken… yet again. (sigh) No idea why, for how long it’s been down, or how long it’ll continue to be down. These constant site outages are not a great sign for a party trying to get back on it’s feet.

One Response to “Some Random News Items…”

  1. David Collison Says:

    Heads up regarding the RPUSA website. It turns out there were some php applications installed with unpatched security holes. These were allowing hackers to both disrupt our service and hijack the site for spamming purposes.

    We’ve rectified this now and (hopefully) should see more reliable service from here out.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    David Collison
    RPUSA Executive Committee Member