Fundraising Records

I’ve been looking over the campaign finance reports of Harry Browne’s 2000 and Michael Badnarik’s 2004 campaigns. It’s interesting to see familiar names donating to each race.

I see that Badnarik donated $500 to Browne’s 2000 campaign. I don’t see Browne donating to Badnarik’s 2004 campaign, however. David Bergland gave Harry Browne $1000, Badnarik $300, and Gary Nolan $250.

Note that these are reports of the more substantial contributions, if somone gave $50 to a campaign it’s not listed. It’s fun poking around for a few minutes, if you find anything interesting feel free to post it in the comments section.

One Response to “Fundraising Records”

  1. George Phillies Says:

    It can be much more interesting to look at how that money is spent. It is often possible to determine when an effort is from a particular clique, because each clique goes to their own printers and webmasters.

    Indeed, as a very general comment about all political reporting on all FEC reports from candidates, including people who are not third party candidates, there is an extremely tight focus on who gave money, with no attention as to the equally interesting question of how that money was spent.