Election Day in San Diego…

Libertarian candidate Richard Rider has gotten a some national attention in his bid to win the mayoral special election in San Diego. Most Libertarians seem to be at least aware of his campaign.

Well, today voters are going to the polls to finally decide this race.

I’ve heard a great number of people within the party mention Rider as a possible 2nd place finisher. This is a candidate with no elected experience, someone who’s run for office about a half-dozen times, and who’s being vastly outspent. I don’t understand where this speculation is really coming from.

Sure, he’s got a much better than average website. He’s gotten some moderately impressive endorsements. He’s made some tv commercials and been allowed to participate in the debates.

If he was running for a city council seat or even a state house seat in a libertarian-friendly district… I would be excited! Because this looks like an excellently run campaign… but the goal (mayor of San Diego) is just aiming too high.

My guess (and I could be way off) is that Rider won’t break 7% tonight. And that might be overly generous.

5 Responses to “Election Day in San Diego…”

  1. Douglas E. Says:

    I predict 4%, if he’s lucky.

  2. Tim West Says:

    That would still be 2% higher than most LP campaigns. Sad but true.

  3. NewFederalist Says:

    Isn’t this a non-partisan election? If so, Rider could do fairly well. If not, I agree his vote totals will not likely exceed 3-5% and if they do it would be a tribute to his ceaseless efforts to fight tax increases for the past 20 years or so.

  4. Fred C. Says:

    All local elections in California are non-partisan. Put this together with his debate participation and I think he’ll get above-average numbers, but I can’t venture a guess as to the range or his placing.

  5. Alex Peak Says:

    I must be honest, I’d not heard of him before today.

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