LP Executive Director Resigns…

The Executive Director of the Libertarian Party, Joe Seehusen, has decided that August 5th will be his last day in office. It’s unclear the exact reason for his departure.

The full resignation letter is available at Liberty For Sale:

5 Responses to “LP Executive Director Resigns…”

  1. mark san souci Says:

    I can only hope that the reason you hint you know about that contributed to this is explained soon. Mr. Seehusen seemed to have our party pointed in the right direction-practically and incrementally-in spite of any issues many had with the Iraq Exit Strategy.

  2. NewFederalist Says:

    I hope his reasons are made clear at some point in the near future. It seems odd that this would happen so soon after his contract was renewed.

  3. Tim West Says:

    I’ll have a post on it as soon as some things shale out of the trees. No matter what, I have a feeling the LNC meeting is gonna be rather rude and crude. We’ll know a lot more after the 6th.

  4. Mike N. Says:

    Ya know, the Exit Strategy was an move in the right direction. We need to start acting like a political party instead of a bunch of geeks if we are going to get anywhere.

    As far as the resignation goes… thank god! See ya and don’t come back! I find it interesting that one of his touted “accomplishments” is the wonderful new website. Balogna! It still stinks. I can’t even find when and where the LNC meeting is…

  5. Alex Peak Says:

    I’d thought to new site design was mostly Cory’s doing.

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