Trivia: LP Presidential Tickets

These are all pretty easy, but…

1. Name all of the individuals who have ever appeared on the ballot in the United States as a candidate for President on the Libertarian line, excluding the party primaries.

2. Name the individual(s) who’ve appeared on the ballot for President or Vice-President more than once.

3. Who was the only LP Presidential candidate to receive more than 10% of the vote in a state. Name the state and the year.

4. How many females has the LP run for either President or VP? Who were they?

5. How many LP Presidential or VP candidates were also officeholders at the city government level or higher? Who were they and what offices did they hold? (Being appointed to an obscure local board doesn’t count.)

12 Responses to “Trivia: LP Presidential Tickets”

  1. Alex Peak Says:

    1. 2004: Michael Badnarik, 2000: Harry Browne, 1996: Harry Browne, 1992: I forget, 1988: Dr. Ron Paul, before that I’m not sure.

    2. Don’t know.

    3. Don’t know.

    4. One for Vice President, who received a single electoral vote. The only woman ever to get an electoral vote for President in the U.S. Don’t know her name, though.

    5. Don’t know.

  2. NewFederalist Says:

    1. 1972 John Hospers 1976 Roger MacBride 1980 Ed Clark 1984 David Bergland 1988 Ron Paul 1992 Andre Marrou 1996 Harry Browne 200 Harry Browne 2004 Michael Badnarik
    2. David Bergland (VP in 1976 Pes in 1984) Andre Marrou (VP in 1988 Pres in 1992) Harry Browne (Pres in 1996 and 2000)
    3. Ed Clark Alaska 1980.
    4. Tonie Nathan VP 1972 (only electoral vote in LP history) Nancy Lord (VP in 1992) Jo Jorgensen (VP in 1996)
    5. Andre Marrou (Alaska House of Rep) VP in 1988 Pres in 1992 and Art Olivier (city council Belleflower, CA maybe even mayor I don’t remember exactly) VP 2000

  3. NewFederalist Says:

    I guess I should add Ron Paul under category 5 above since he was a U.S. Representative when he ran in 1988 and still is today. I didn’t list him originally since he was elected as a Republican but the question really didn’t qualify partisan versus non-partisan.

  4. Austin Cassidy Says:


    1. Yes, except that the way it was worded… it was a little bit of a trick question. So there is, technically, one more name.

    2-5. Yep. :)

    Anyone want to submit some ideas for new trivia questions?

  5. Stanley H. Says:

    [quote]Anyone want to submit some ideas for new trivia questions?[/quote]

    It would be interesting to find out how many people won an elected office as a member of one third party, and then won another elected office as a member of a different third party. I don’t know if it’s ever happened before.

  6. Lenny Zimmermann Says:

    I’d be interested in how many, who, and for what party have been elected to Congressional seats as third party candidates since, say, 1960.

  7. NewFederalist Says:

    Oh yeah, Neil Smith the nominee of the Arizona LP instead of Browne in 2000. You are a tricky one, Austin!

  8. Otto Kerner Says:

    5) should be Art Olivier, Andre Marrou, Ron Paul (U.S. Congress), and Roger MacBride (Virginia state legislator). NewFederalist is right, though, if you only include those who were elected as Libertarians.

  9. Alex Peak Says:

    I don’t want Ron Paul to retire. He’s the one voice of reason in Congress.

    But, when he DOES retire, I hope he makes another run for the Presidency. This time as a Republican. And, I hope he asks for the LP to endorse his candidacy, rather than nominating a candidate of their own for that year. This is the one situation in which I would hope the LP doesn’t run a Presidential candidate.

  10. Stuart Richards Says:

    “Oh yeah, Neil Smith the nominee of the Arizona LP instead of Browne in 2000. You are a tricky one, Austin!”

    I KNEW that one… darnit, you stole my thunder! :p

  11. Stephen Gordon Says:

    On female VP candidates:

    Tamara Millay lost the bid at the Atlanta convention to run for VP last cycle, but did not rule out another run in 2008 in a telephone conversation we had the other day.

  12. Fred C. Says:

    Art Olivier was in fact mayor of Bellflower, which incidently borders my town.