Who Spent What?

I was just curious to see how much money some recent third party presidential candidates were working with. Using a quick search of the FEC’s database and taking the most recent total expenditure numbers from each report… this is a pretty good idea of how much each major candidate from 2000 and 2004 was able to raise and spend.

The final number is the average cost per vote of each campaign.

Nader: $4,563,877 spent—463,653 votes ($9.84)
Badnarik: $1,073,940 spent—397,265 votes ($2.70)
Peroutka: $728,221 spent—144,498 votes ($5.04)
Cobb: $385,707 spent— 119,859 votes ($3.21)


Buchanan: $56,538,431 spent—449,225 votes ($125.86)
Nader: $13,389,442 spent—2,883,105 votes ($4.64)
Hagelin: $2,294,839 spent—83,702 votes ($27.42)
Browne: $2,203,362 spent—384,516 votes ($5.26)
Phillips: $293,818 spent—98,022 votes ($2.98)

Note: If Pat Buchanan had just offered me $125 I might have voted for him. ;)

5 Responses to “Who Spent What?”

  1. Fred C. Says:

    So the lesson here is that Libertarian votes are cheap? ;)

  2. Alex Peak Says:

    The lesson is that you can get the most bang for your buck by voting for Badnarik. :)

  3. George Whitfield Says:

    Perhaps if Badnarik had received and used the same amount of money in 2004 that Browne had received and used in 2000, and kept the same cost per vote ($2.70) then he would have had a vote total of 816,060. Next time lets give Michael more support!

  4. mr. rogers Says:

    Judging from a cross section, despite Pat Buchanan’s terrible cost-benefit, I’d say Hagelin got the short end of the stick all around. He got the fewest votes of all, the second highest dollars per vote, and his spending was #3 in 04. At least the others have something to be happy about…Hagelin has only his superstrings to comfort him. Maybe he can weave them together into a beautiful super-tapestry. He’ll still never be President, though. LOL

  5. Alex Peak Says:

    QUOTE: “...and his spending was #3 in 04.”

    He didn’t run in ‘04.

    QUOTE: “He’ll still never be President, though.”

    He’s decided not to run again. 2000 was his last election.