The American Patriot “Party”

Does anyone know anything about this party? I recently tried to find out some information to see if there was an active Florida organization, it took the Florida chairman a few days to get back to me. In the meantime I’d emailed the national and regional contacts on the website.

First, the regional representative (as currently listed on their website) sent me this message:

“The APP has fallen apart and is in pieces. I am reforming the southern/eastern region into a new political organization, stronger and more experienced. I am looking for experienced political folks for leadership positions and also volunteers.”

So I took it that the party was no longer functional, and I lost interest in getting involved. Shortly following that, the state chair called and left me a voicemail. The first guy seemed to think there was no Florida party, this guy was claiming to be the head of it. I didn’t want anything to do with a confused mess or turf wars or anything of the sort… so I decided to just ignore it.

Well, about a week later the national chair finally checked his email and sent a message to the state chair telling him to get in touch with me. This apparently infuriated the Florida chairman, and so I told him I wanted no part in a party that didn’t have it’s act together.

The national chairman accused me of… something:

“I know exactly who it is that you have been talking to, and you can tell your little buddy from Kansas that he, and you, are toying with the wrong guy.”

My “little buddy from Kansas” is, I gather, some rival member or faction. I have no clue who or what he’s talking about as I’ve never spoken to anyone from the Kansas party. I don’t even have any friends at all who live in the state of Kansas… or any states that border it!

Anyway, in the last 2-3 days our emails back and forth have gotten kind of heated. They’re convinced that I am a Republican operative and that this website is a Republican operation designed to track and somehow destroy third parties.

I guess they’re reading this because the Florida chair told me: “Be advised that we are monitoring you now.”

It’s all kind of amusing. Finally, today I was told by the state chairman in a somewhat hilarious email:

“Oh ya. You are a self-admitted republican who has an anti-minor party website. So, you are going to try to somehow convince us that this is just a coincidence and all those facts are just disrelated, and anything you do is good and anything we do must be faulty. According to you, we absolutely must be infighting, and if you were proven positively wrong, which you are, you would go into a rage. AFC, you have failed. You have lost. It is all over for you.”

Oh well. It’s all over for me, I guess.

Has anyone else had any experience or involvement with these guys? Seems like they’re going about this whole party building thing in the wrong way.

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  1. Tim West Says:

    Wow. I thought the Libertarians were dysfunctional! :D

  2. Stuart Richards Says:

    Man, we’ve got our shit together something DANDY compared to them.

  3. Tim West Says:

    But hey, they ARE Patriots! Wonder if they love the Patriot Act?

  4. Chris Bennett Says:

    The guy from Kansas he is referring about is Joe Bellis, Mr Bellis ran for president under the America’s Party a few times in the 90’s. It is a fact that he ran for office as a Libertarian back in 2004.

    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: (913) 620-4281
    Fax: (209) 391-5245
    Address: PO Box 12312
    Shawnee Mission, KS 66212-0123

    Joe Bellis
    Biographical info: July 29, 1955
    Health care analyst
    Overland Park
    Party/Political experience: Libertarian; None.
    Key issues: Opposes abortion, affirmative action and equal rights for homosexuals; supports making English the official language; would support laws allowing religious displays on pubic property.

    Yeah he is a political neophyte like LaRouche and many other wackos!
    He definately doesnt sound Libertarian to me.

  5. Alex Peak Says:

    He doesn’t sound Libertarian to me, either.

    Does the American Patriot Party have a website? What is its principles?

  6. es Says:

    The APP is heavily populated with lunatics. Stay away! lol

  7. Austin Cassidy Says:

  8. JonT Says:

    Im sure there is some information on the Politics1 Political parties page.

  9. Alex Peak Says:


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    [...] It does appear that someone from the American Patriot Party will be giving a speech on “Third Party Priorities”. Considering my past history with that party, I’m kind of sorry I won’t get to see what he has to say… [...]

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    [...] Considering the way they treat potential new members this wouldn’t shock me one bit. [...]

  12. Rob Hodgkinson Says:

    My take on Joe in Kansas is that he is like all the social conservatives that are fed up with the republicans. The “little buddy” comment I can believe as Joe seemed to need to “be in charge” or he would’nt play.

    He did run in 2004 for the KS 3rd district U.S. House as an LP’er - he did not follow thru with supposed campaign spending promises and did not make any more difference that any other LP U.S. House candidate in Kansas.

  13. naoko Says:

    Lol, I got the almost exact same treatment when I was interested in joining the Green Party of West Virginia last summer. Except Republican was switched with GDI and I had no clue what they were talking about at first. Looked up some information about GDI added with the person’s behavior and all the holes were filled in about where they stood on the shady Cobb issue.

    So I’m wondering if the Green Party is doing just as badly or something.

  14. Otto Kerner Says:

    Well, I’m sure every third party has a lot of weird people in it. The LP, actually, probably has fewer paranoid-delusives per capita, just because it’s older. Those whose behaviour was too disruptive probably tended to get filtered out (along with a lot of good people) during the infighting of the 80s, and new disruptives (as well as new good people) find it harder to get into positions of power. Instead, the LP, from what I saw, has a lot of eccentric but mentally stable long-term third-party-geeks. This isn’t really healthy, either, but it might tend to be offensive in subtler ways.

  15. Ken M Says:

    Have you tried the American First Party?

  16. Richard Taylor Says:

    A good discussion.

    You may be interested to know that only the national group of the American Patriot Party has stepped down, the States parties which make up the American Patriot Party are still organizing.

    The Oregon Patriot Party, has taken the position as national to assist and encourage other state parties to organize.

    Each state is responsible in developing their own independent state parties as it has always been;

    There will be some changes in the party structure and those changes will be posted in the future on the Oregon Patriot Party and New Main American Patriot Party website; Which will be announced in a few months.

    The Present APP is an establishment that follows the intent of the Originating Founding Fathers of the Declaration of Independence.

    Should you wish to get involved, it would be good to be very acquainted with the founders letters and the Declaration of Independence, the documents that define freedom.

    If you have interest in starting an APP state party in your area, please let us know.

    I invite you to review the Oregon Patriot Party website at

  17. Richard Taylor Says:

    The new web address to the American Patriot Party is

    Both addresses are supported to the same web site.

    We hope that you will review and consider the American Patriot Party. The true strict Democratic Republican party of Jefferson and The Liberty Tree Patriots.

    Inalienable Rights, States Rights and Local Control.

    Our Platform is the Declaration of Independence.

  18. Website Optimization Says:

    Sounds good!

  19. Mark Says:

    HAHAHA Richard A. Taylor from Oregon, isn’t that the animation guy??? Has anyone else looked at the so-called “new” national Patriot site. It’s nothing but one guy from Oregon claiming to be the head of a Party that shut down awhile ago. Not to mention that on the website there are a bunch of spelling errors…Does this guy have anything past a highschool education? If the other states are still organized like he said I’d like to know the state chairman, vice- chairman, secretary and treasurer for each state. Also when was the last National convention and the next one. How many candidates for office have they had since Taylor’s been head. I mean come on, you can’t just announce yourself as the head of a party and act like your running a party because you have a website and make some posts on other blogs… Patriot Party is done, has been done, and should stay done!

  20. Jim Lampet Says:

    Agreed Mark. I took a look at the new party site and it’s very bad. Not only are there a bunch of clear spelling errors but the set up of the page is very childish. My 11 year old son has made better web layouts. Also they have a colored map of the nation which uses green to represent states that are organized and functioning. Almost all of them have no one listed as working in those states. The ones that do only have one person at best. This is not a party, this is a joke. Tell the cartoonist to stick to art and leave well enough alone.

  21. Cody Quirk Says:

    From Mr. Taylor——
    Thank you for your interest!

    Our site presents the original intent of the founders.

    Reading the constitutional debates and other historical documents presented on the web site will help those that are not acquainted with the history of freedom.

    The site will only seem confusing to those that have not read or have studied any of the documents.

    I would suggest reviewing:

    The University of Chicago - Founders Constitution:

    and Constitution . ORG

    Constitutional Debates:

    Several original state organizers who left under the confusing situation of the former party (which caused the previous national to step away), returned to begin organizing simply because of this clarity. There are 11 states now under organization.

    The above comment has confused the green states which are those that were extent of the former party. The blue states are under organization and have fully operative links. Since we have only been national for about a year, we have left those in green for those wishing to restart their state party which some have done.

    Our strict conformance to the original founders intent has limited infighting that plagued the former party that allowed those with modern interpretation to become involved.

    Bryon K. Pulliam Ex- National Chairman American Patriot Party mentions in his Third Party Watch letter ( ) “The few bright spots organizationally and in numbers were seen in Illinois, Oregon, and Ohio.”

    Having been Chair of the Oregon Patriot Party since 2004, I would assume our party was one of those “bright spots”. ... And thank Bryon for mentioning us.

    We invite those that wish to review our site to do so without any inhibitions from this thread.

    Our party is not above spell check and welcome corrections if found; Note that we try not to correct the spelling of the founders such as “defence” as opposed to defense as it is correct for the period.

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