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Al Sharpton Endorses Green Candidate

The Rev. Al Sharpton has endorsed Elaine Brown, the Green Party’s candidate for mayor of Brunswick, Georgia. In fact, Sharpton will go a step further and appear at a $50 a plate fundraising event for Brown on August 6th.

While she’s still facing an uphill battle, this attention and fundraising help might make the Brunswick race worth watching. Ms. Brown is also notable as she was previously involved with the Black Panther Party.

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One Response to “Al Sharpton Endorses Green Candidate”

  1. Tyronne Says:

    UPDATE on the election contest lawsuit filed by Elaine Brown.

    The case was set for Dec 1 and Elaine Brown won her motion for a continuance until Dec 19. Now that Dec 19 is next week, the word around Brunswick is that Elaine Brown and Zack Lyde decided at the last minute to drop their contests of election lawsuit. Yes they both filed a lawsuit.

    The truth of the matter won out. Elaine Brown was not a legal resident of Brunswick for at least 12 months and could not run for office. Otherwise she would of continued to fight this case if she felt in her heart that she was within the law.

    Is the matter done? Only Elaine Brown and her friends know.

    A counter suit against Elaine Brown is still pending.

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