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Jore Refuses to Pay Fees

The Constitution Party’s almost-legislator from Montana, Rick Jore, has decided he will refuse to pay his opponent’s legal fees.

If you’ll remember from last year, Jore was first thought to have been elected to the Montana state house, then there was believed to be a tie and the Governor attempted to appoint him to the positon, and then later that was overturned by the courts in a controversial ruling that said the Democrat actually had won the election and thus control of the State House for his party.

The courts ordered Jore to pay the winner’s legal fees in a ruling that no one was really happy with. Now, Jore has decided he will step up and refuse to pay the fees.

From The Missoulian:

“I cannot in good conscience, I will not, acquiesce to such an injustice as this. Nor will I ask my friends and supporters to pay this judgment on my behalf. I believe duty requires me, both for conscience sake and on behalf of the people of Montana, to oppose this gross injustice,” Jore said in a letter to Anita Big Spring of Pablo.

Big Spring was the plaintiff in the lawsuit filed against Jore after the election ended in a tie last November.


Jore said he is defenseless should Meloy seek to collect the fees.

“I realize that you now have the opportunity to collect this judgment via confiscation or lien of my property with the full force of law to sanction your actions. I also realize that if you, Ms. Windham, the Meloy-Trieweiler law firm, and the Democratic Party believe that it is just and right to collect this fee, I cannot stop you,” Jore said.


But even the district judge who ordered Jore to pay the fees agreed he was getting a raw deal.

“The candidates and their attorneys should not have to subsidize the rest of the state by bearing the entire burden” of the cost of litigation of new and confusing federal and state voting-rights rules, Judge Kim Christopher said in her order.

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2 Responses to “Jore Refuses to Pay Fees”

  1. NewFederalist Says:

    Very confusing and totally screwed up situation. Here is a guy who sued no one, did not ask for legal intervention in the electoral process to overturn a result and yet he’s stuck with the bill. Really makes one want to run for the legislature in Montana!

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