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Missouri LP Gains Controversial Member

It looks as if Missouri Secretary of State (in the early-90’s) Judith Moriarty, a Democrat at the time, has switched parties and plans to run for governor in 2008 as a Libertarian. The problem? Moriarty was forced from office in disgrace.

An exclusive from the always excellent

Our third party sources come through for us again! A Politics1 Exclusive - Missouri Secretary of State Judith Moriarty (D) was impeached and removed from office in 1994 for misconduct. Related to that, she was also convicted of a misdemeanor for her role in tampering with a state legislative race in order to improperly slip her son onto the ballot after the filing deadline. Since her embarrassing demise, Moriarty flirted with a comeback in ‘96 and then seemed to vanish from the political scene. Sources inside the Missouri Libertarian Party inform us Moriarty recently joined the LP and told leaders she plans to run for Governor in 2008 as a Libertarian. According to one top LP state officer, the “[Missouri Libertarian Party] is—rightfully—highly skeptical of her, but she will be a [LP] candidate nonetheless.”

3 Responses to “Missouri LP Gains Controversial Member”

  1. Stephen Bach Says:

    Just as the reform movement hopes to move the LP into the spotlight, we have people like Ms. Moriarty wishing to become prominent members…

    How can the Party of Principle support someone who was kicked out of office for official corruption? I hope someone, anyone, runs against her for the LP nomination.

  2. Timothy West Says:

    I wonder why the morals clause has not kicked in. Her case is one of the few that deserves a review - anyone that has been guilty of a crime committed in office would be highly suspect.

  3. Stuart Richards Says:

    Agreed… that kind of mainstreaming would just make us look bad. Seems to me she just needs another party to adopt her. Our first “convert candidates” needs to be people the public can respect.

    And yeah… the Missouri LP’s always had a tint of squabble about it. I don’t remember what, exactly, but there was some sort of primary that actually had people fighting over the LP nomination for some office or other, and it made the news as far away as Nebraska.

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