Unusual Green Mulls Congressional Run

Thomas Ness was the Green Party’s nominee in 2000 for Michigan’s 12th Congressional District. He finished in third place with about 1.7% of the vote, ahead of a Libertarian and Natural Law candidate.

Now, Ness is back. Sorta.

Stephanie Angeline Loveless, formerly Thomas Ness, is considering another run for office in 2006.

From The Daily Tribune in Royal Oak, Michigan:

Looking much the same as he did during many years as a man — except for stylish pumps and a skirt — the former Tom Ness made a dramatic declaration before Ferndale City Council:

“The girl inside simply cannot be repressed,” said Ness, telling council that henceforth he wanted to be called Stephanie Angeline Loveless in honor of his transgender status.


The city activist is planning a benefit concert, poetry reading, a health care summit with state and local leaders, and a local newspaper. And she’s not ruling out another stab at Congress.

“I play around with the idea,” said Loveless, who legally changed her name June 15. “I think I would be the first transgender candidate and that is 95 percent of my motivation to run again. Just as it was shocking for women to run 100 years ago, it helps normalize it in the eyes of the mainstream if you’re in the public.”

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