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New Mexico Green Party in Trouble?

Ballot Access News is reporting that an official within the New Mexico Division of Elections is trying to disqualify the NM Green Party. It sounds highly suspicious and is worth keeping an eye on.

From B-A-N:

Whether the party is qualified depends on how one reads sec. 1-7-2.C, which deals with the decertification of political parties. It reads, “A party shall cease to be qualified if two successive general elections are held without at least one of the party’s candidates on the ballot or if the total votes cast for the party’s candidates for governor or president, provided that the party has a candidate seeking election to either of these offices, in a general election do not equal at least one-half of 1% of the total votes cast for governor or president, as applicable.”

UPDATE: The NM Secretary of State ruled that parties are not disqualified until they have failed the vote test twice in a row. Therefore, the Green and Constitution Parties are qualified in New Mexico for 2006. (source: Ballot Access News)

2 Responses to “New Mexico Green Party in Trouble?”

  1. NewFederalist Says:

    Check BAN. There has been a ruling favorable to the Greens and Constitution Party.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    That was quick. Will update.

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