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Libertarians Demand Rove’s Head

The Libertarian Party has issued a press released demanding that the White House fire deputy chief of state and chief political strategist Karl Rove amid allegations that he leaked sensitive information to the press. The White House, so far, has resisted calls from Democrats and others to force Rove out.

The LP’s statement concluded with this paragraph:

Commenting on the matter, Libertarian Party National Executive Director Joe Seehusen stated, “When the scandal first came to light, President Bush said that if any White House employee was responsible for the leak, they would be fired. We know now that Karl ‘the Architect’ Rove was a source of the leak. It’s time for Bush to follow through with his promise by firing his deputy chief of staff.”

2 Responses to “Libertarians Demand Rove’s Head”

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  2. Mikey Says:

    So much for “innocent until proven guilty.” If it turns out he is guilty, he should go to jail. If it turns out he accidentally “outed” her, then he should be fired. Until either are proven though, people need to back off.

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