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Minnesota Centrist Revolt?

The Washington Times has published an extremely interesting op-ed piece. In it they suggested that the Minnesota Independence Party might be in a situation to take advantage of a recent partisan budget battle. Both the Republican and Democratic Parties in that state have been having serious internal problems.

The piece closes with the following paragraphs:

Backbenchers in both parties had to go back to the districts to face the unpleasant music. Many, who had traditionally marched in the ubiquitous July 4th parades, simply did not show up. There is talk of insurrection in both parties as anger among voters grows, and the leadership of both parties, trying to placate their left and right base voters, seem unable to compromise.

The Independence Party, thought moribund after the 2004 election, could now stage another upset of 1998, only this time also winning other statewide offices and a number of House and Senate seats. The DFL, mirroring the national Democratic Party, is in disarray in the state. The Republican Party has no viable plan without a tax compromise. The only question is whether the Independence Party can come up with candidates of sufficient stature and political ability to capture the voters’ attention. Tim Penny, not running this time but still organizing for the third party, says yes it will. Only the next several months will tell.

The national implications are enormous. Minnesota is one of the nation’s most significant “swing” states, located at the center of a supercluster of swing states called “Minnewisowa” that includes Wisconsin and Iowa. All three decided their 2004 electoral votes by the narrowest of margins. Minnesota is also emblematic of several national issues, including health care, housing, taxes, farm issues and Social Security. The political stakes in this region in 2006 and 2008 are high.

A grass-roots voter insurrection in the center, would only make it more complicated and more interesting.

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4 Responses to “Minnesota Centrist Revolt?”

  1. Centrist Chris Says:

    Hutchinson for Governor!

  2. Centrist Chris Says:

    Check out the Personal Choice Party page on the encyclopedia under State/Regonal Parties in the List of Third Parties section. I made it today, and I will add to it as time goes on.

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Awesome… I had been meaning to write something up about them, but looks like you’ve got a good start going. :)

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