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Dornan To Reclaim Congressional Seat?

Bob Dornan is back and he has a new plan to get back into the House.

The former Republican Congressman and Presidential candidate is apparently considering another run for Congress, but not as a Republican. In 1996, Dornan launched a bid for the GOP Presidential nomination, but he captured no delegates and few votes. In an extremely close and controversial re-election fight later that year, Dornan was defeated by Loretta Sanchez.

Then in 1998, Dornan challenged Sanchez for the seat he had once occupied and lost by a very substantial margin. Last year, Dornan launched a Republican primary challenge to Representative Dana Rohrabacher. He lost 83-17%.

If this new campaign happens, he would be running in an open seat district where current Representative Chris Cox has been appointed Chairman of the SEC. Several very credible Republicans are already expected to seek the seat.

As a way to by-pass a Republican primary and get himself into the general election, Dornan is looking at the American Independent Party nomination. The AIP is the name of the California chapter of the Constitution Party.

Republican leaders don’t seem too impressed:

“It appears he’s becoming a serial candidate,” said Orange County party chairman Scott Baugh. “Abandoning the Republican party won’t make Republicans want to vote for him.”

The Monterey Herald

3 Responses to “Dornan To Reclaim Congressional Seat?”

  1. Mikey Says:

    Ouch . . . I don’t think he’s going to have much of a chance unless he comes up with a very populist platform. Best of luck to him tough. Hopefully he gets good guidence.

  2. Fred C. Says:

    Most folks here in California see just see the word Independent when the AIP pops up on their ballot. This might generate some awareness of the CP’s status here if he manages to mobilize the national party’s donors behind him.

  3. Joe Says:

    Bob Dornan got the shaft from the Republicans. He will be a fantastic addition to the Constitution Party.

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