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Debate: Your Dream Team?

Working with the realistic pool of existing candidates, who would you most like to see get the Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominations of their respective parties come 2008?

19 Responses to “Debate: Your Dream Team?”

  1. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I’ll start off with my own.

    —Green Party—

    Peter Camejo, President
    David Bacon, Vice-Presidnt

    Camejo would be a notable, experienced, and serious candidate. He is popular in California and would likely draw on that to help the ticket. Bacon was the Green Party’s 2002 candidate for Governor of New Mexico where he captured 5.5% of the vote in a 3-way race with a Republican and a Democrat. Hard to argue with success.

    As long as Ralph Nader doesn’t do anything crazy and the party doesn’t split apart, my prediction is that this ticket could achieve 40+ state ballot access and probably poll 700,000+ votes.

    I would have put Mayor Jason West of New Paltz, NY on the ticket, but he’ll only be 31 in 2008… not yet old enough.

    —Libertarian Party—

    Carla Howell, President
    Aaron Russo, Vice-President

    Reasoning: Putting a woman at the top of the ticket gives the party a little something unique. Getting Russo on the ticket as VP might be difficult, but it would represent the ability to pump substantial amount of money into the race, similar to what happened in 1980. Would Russo be willing to go along with it? Hard to say.

    Prediction: If this team could somehow come together I would suspect they could draw anywhere from 400,000-800,000 votes… depending on how much money was spent, and if Russo turned around and said something that might alienate people.

    —Constitution Party—

    Jim Clymer, President
    Rick Jore, Vice-President

    Clymer has done very well as a candidate for office in Pennsylvania, he’s well liked and respected within the party, and overall he’s an experienced candidate. Rick Jore won, or almost won, a seat in the Montana state house. Because of the controversy surrounding that race he’s well known in Montana and some national circles.

    This team, and the building strength of the Constitution Party as a whole, could probably achieve 40+ state ballot access. With that, I could see them easily gathering 200,000 to 300,000 votes nationally.

  2. Mikey Says:

    Nicely done. I’ll have to come back to this one after thinking it over a while.

  3. Centrist Chris Says:

    Green Party:

    John Eder for President
    Reason: He has served last 3 years in Maine State House of Reps.

    Dona Spring for Vice President
    Reason: She has served the last 13 years on the Berkeley, CA City Council and is a woman so the ticket would be balanced like last year.

    Libertarian Party:

    Ron Paul for President
    Reason: Ran for president as Lib. before and has served in congress (as a Republican) in the 70’s, 80’s, and again since 1997.

    Gary Nolan for Vice President
    Reason: He has name recognition because of his Liberitarian radio station and ran in 2004 for President, but lost the primary to Badnarik

    Constitution Party:

    Bob Dornan for president
    Reason: Has served in congress (as a Republican) in the 80’s and 90’s and will generate more name recognition during his run for congress as an American Independent Party (state Constitution Party affiliate) candidate in the speicial election this year and I expect he will have a high percentige compared to all the other AI and Constitution candidates.

    Rick Jore for Vice President
    Reason: Almost won a seat in the Montanta State House of Reps.

  4. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Good line-up. I like the idea of Dornan as the Constitution Party candidate. I wonder if he’s planning something like that.

  5. Otto Kerner Says:

    I don’t see what any of the existing parties really have to gain by running a candidate from the “reasonable pool”. They might as well focus on other races. The closest thing would be if the Libertarians could get Ron Paul to run for president AND somebody with a lot of money for vice-president. Paul/Russo would be interesting, but I’m not really sure if Aaron Russo has enough money.

    Another interesting possibility would be some kind of soi-dissant “centrist” campaign, something like John McCain/Jesse Ventura. I wouldn’t be surprised if one or the other of them runs as an independent, in fact, I think Ventura probably will (but not if McCain is the Republican candidate). It remains to be seen whether they would work well as a team, though.

  6. Fred C. Says:

    Pete Camejo & Cynthia McKinney, interchangeable. After the Cobb fiasco Camejo has solidified his position as the conscience of the Green Party, but he’s still only a blip outside of the independent left. McKinney flirted with the GP nomination last time, but decided to reclaim her congressional seat again. If state laws allow her to run for her seat while at the same time appearing at the top of the ballot, she’d be a big vote draw nationally.

    Jim Clymer for Pres, Rick Jore for VP
    Enough said with previous comments

    Tom McClintock for Pres, Gary Nolan for VP
    McClintock has been friendly to the California LP for some time, and also has admirers further right (his name was floated in America First Party circles regarding the 08 race). He hasn’t made any open moves towards a presidential campaign just yet, but it would definitely attract alot of coverage and probably get more moderate-to-conservatives into the LP, and help it grow as an alternative to the increasingly internationalist GOP.
    Gary Nolan and Aaron Russo were both likelier to be better candidates than Badnarik, who now has the scorn of many in the LP for his post-election activities. I don’t think Russo would be willing to play second fiddle though. We also have to remember that in the LP the presidential nominee has practically no control over his runningmate, and the best way for the LP to get a balanced ticket is for the party to push some of its bigger names to seek the lower office.

    I also suspect Nader might give it one last go at making his grand coalition of progressives, but I won’t venture a guess as to how successful it will be compared to last year. Overall he had a good idea of trying to bring in independents and smaller parties under an umbrella of an independent campaign, but it completely fell through when he wasn’t able to get the GP or PFP nods. He also should have made a better effort at getting the Natural Law Party remnants behind him, but almost inexplicably they ended up going for Socialist Walt Brown, a minor candidate much further to the left than most NLPers. That said, I’d like to see better coalitions built for the next election. How ‘bout one big socialist party instead of 10 one-staters?

  7. Joe Says:

    I think both Jim Clymer and Rick Jore would be great on the ticket. However, my choice for the top of the ticket has to be Michael Peroutka. I had the honor of meeting him several times and he articulates precisely my views on almost every issue. I can’t imagine anyone running a better campaign than he did.

    I voted for Howard Phillips in prior elections and thought it was a good move for him not to run again in 2004 so the Constitution Party would not come to be seen as one man’s hobby horse, regardless of how worthy that man. However, I also think there is something to be said for alternative parties recycling their standard-bearer for a couple of election cycles - allowing them to build on their name recognition. So Peroutka is my choice for President should he decide to run again.

    For vice-president, in addition to Clymer, Jore, and Dornan as possibilities I would suggest someone who hasn’t been mentioned yet: Joe Bannister. I would think his recent victory against the IRS would bring a relatively fair amount of attention to the Constitution Party if he were on the ticket.

  8. Centrist Chris Says:

    I have two more to add to what I had earlier.


    Jessie Ventura for President
    Reason: I think he wants to run and he certainly would be my favorite candidate and he has more political expirience than any of the other likely Third Party Candidates.

    Augus King for Vice-President
    Reason: He is also a former Independent Governor that would get attention and votes.

    Reform Party:

    Ross Perot for President
    Need I say more? The core of the Party that supported the Buchanan takeover has left for either the Cnstitution Party or the America First Party, and since the Reform Party 2004 Platform showed moderation and since they supported Nader, they obviously were and are ready for a non right winger to be the party’s candidate. Time for Perot to take back the party he created.

    Whomever he picks for Vice-President

  9. Ragnar Danashold Says:

    Feingold/Vilsak (Dem)
    McCain/Giuliani (GOP)
    Clark/Powell (Indie)
    Ventura/Jeffords (Independance)
    Kucenich/Kubby (Socialist-Green)
    Fulani/Pacifico (Reform-Communist)
    Zinn/Nader (Libertarian Socialist Party)
    Paul/Nolan (Libertarian-Constitution)

  10. Chris Bennett Says:

    Libertarian: Russo/ Ed Thompson OR Gary Johnson/Thompson

    Note: I would never support Carla Howell nor Gary Nolan…to me they leave a bitter taste in my mouth

    Now I wouldn’t mind if Ron Paul ran again:)

  11. Stuart Richards Says:

    Libertarians: NOT Carla Howell. She’s too extremist, we need someone that can run on the libertarian principles that most people support (getting out of Iraq, reducing the debt) and not on all the wackball stuff that Ayn Rand had wet dreams about. I’d say Ed Thompson would be great, except he really doesn’t wish to run for office. So… I’d pick:

    1) Jesse Ventura (if he could be persuaded into it, although most likely not)
    2) Richard Rider (Libertarian down in San Diego, currently with 16% in a six-way mayor race down there, knows to focus on the things that matter to people)
    3) Judge Jim Gray (moderate Libertarian, won 2% of the vote for a US Senate seat)
    4) Ben Brandon (won a county commissioner seat in Georgia against a Democrat and a well-connected Republican, has tons of political experience)

    And basically find a rich guy who can keep his mouth shut to be the VP.

  12. Ron Hardy Says:

    WOW! Of Ragnar Danashold’s 16 mentioned people, I have actually already voted for 6 of them!

    Feingold - 2006, WI Senate
    Vilsak - 2002 or 2004, IA Governor
    Kucinich - 2004, IA Democratic Caucus
    Karen Kubby - 1980s and 1990s, Iowa City City Council
    Lenora Fulani - 1992, 1996, President
    Nader - 2000, President

    Do I know you, Ragnar?

    My picks:
    Libertarians: Badnarik. He ran a good campaign last year.
    Greens: Winona La Duke. The Camejo - Cobb - Nader fight tore the party apart. La Duke could bring the Greens back together.
    Any Party: Fulani & Kubby for nostalgia (thanks, Ragnar!)
    Dems or Greens: Kucinich. He’s a Green in Dem clothing. “Come to us, Dennis, Join the Dark Green Side!”
    Republicans Vs. Democrats: Condi Vs. Carol Moseley Braun. Lets get a Black Woman in the White House once and for all.

    I would really love to see strong candidates coming from the Constitution and Libertarian Parties, mostly to take the pressure off the Greens for always being called spoilers.

    Yours in good fun, Babblemur

  13. Centrist Chris Says:

    Since some people have added their opinions of good Democratic and Republican candidates, here are mine:

    Democratic Party:

    Warner for President
    Reason: He’s a good popular centrist Governor.

    Bayh for Vice-President
    Reason: He’s a good popular centrist Senator.

    Republican Party:

    McCain for President
    Reason: He’s a popular Senator with lots of expirience.

    Guliani for Vice-President
    Reason: He’s a popular centrist former Mayor.

  14. Ragnar Danashold Says:


    Not unless you’re that wierd guy wearing a tweed suit and a samuri mask who keeps following me around.

  15. Jose Castaneda Says:

    The Constitution Party candidate for President will be the Ten Commandments judge (Roy Moore). If he wants the nomination it it is his. Last year he was threatened by the Republican Party to stop associating with Michael Peroutka. By his actions the judge told the Republican Party to take a hike and he would associate with who he wanted.

    If he gets the nomination he will have the same type of impact Libertarian, Ed Clark had in 1980.

  16. Troy Dudley Says:

    Jesse Ventura- Pres.

  17. Kurtis Oliverson Says:

    Correction: Though Jim Clymer is the chairman of the national Constitution Party, Rick Jore is not the vice chairman of the national Constitution Party, as this appears to be saying. Rick is the vice chairman of the Constitution Party of Montana.

    P.S. Thanks for the support for third parties!

  18. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Where was it said he was the Vice-Chairman of the party?

  19. Shawn Says:

    Just whant to say HI! I love this place!

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