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Debate: ‘Most Effective Campaign’ and Why?

What recent (last 40 years) third party campaign do you believe was the most effective at advancing their party and it’s agenda?

Ross Perot’s campaign and the Reform Party certainly brought attention to a variety of issues which were addressed by the Democrats and Republicans.

George Wallace’s AIP seems to have played a large role in totally transforming the politics of the South.

Or maybe it was Jesse Ventura’s four high-profile years as governor of Minnesota?

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3 Responses to “Debate: ‘Most Effective Campaign’ and Why?”

  1. Tim West Says:

    In the last 40 years? In terms of practical political success, which to me means getting elected to public office to turn policy into what you want to do, none of them. Ross Perot has the right message but was the wrong messenger.

    The most successful third party in America has to be the Socialist Party USA running Eugenr V. Debs for President 5 times. Not becuase they ever won elections, but becuase they singlehandedly made their ENTIRE platform adopted by the Democratic and Repubican Parties in less than 30 years. That was much longer than 40 years ago, but they GOT WHAT THEY WANTED.

    Jesse had 3 good years and one very bad year. He quit rather than fight, and I think he decided politics was a losing game.

    Wallace paid a heavy price for his political career, and in the end disavowed it all.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    A good deal of Perot’s message was absorbed by the two major parties, though… and it happened much quicker than the Debs/Socialists.

    For sheer impact, Nader might be it… because he did tip the 2000 election. Problem is, that wasn’t really his goal and it caused a backlash.

    The more I’ve thought about it, I lean toward Ventura as having the most meaningful impact… he proved that it was not impossible for THE RIGHT (that’s key) third party candidate to win a significant office. He also appointed an IP member to a term of about two months in the US Senate.

  3. Stanley H. Says:

    What happened with Jesse Ventura that allowed him to win was that he was able to participate in that debate.

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