Aiming Lower… and Winning! (Sorta.)

This is just something I happened to take note of while recently browsing the America First Party’s website. In 2002, the party ran nine candidates for office in seven different states. Two were Congressional races, three were state legislative races, and four were local races. All candidates were defeated.

However, in 2004 the party ran only three candidates in two states. One was a race for state representative, and the other two were VERY local offices. Specifically, a Planning and Advisory Zoning Board in Florida and Town Meeting Member Precinct 13 in Framingham, Massachusetts. Those last two races were victories.

America First Party - 2002 Candidates

America First Party - 2004 Candidates

Edit: Many thanks to Ron Gunzburger of for letting us know that Planning and Advisory Zoning Boards in Florida are actually appointed and not elected offices. Therefore the claim that they had “elected” someone to a position on one of these boards appears to be false. On the same note, this trick isn’t all that new… other third parties (*cough* Libertarians *cough) are known to attempt to beef up their number of elected officials in the same way. Usually, however, you don’t use the word “elected” next to an appointed official’s name.

8 Responses to “Aiming Lower… and Winning! (Sorta.)”

  1. Joe Says:

    Congratulations to the AFP! That is the same strategy we are implementing in our party.

  2. es Says:

    That’s also the ideal strategy…rather than running for President every four years as a certain party does, and losing…badly (but completely neglecting most legislatorial races). Actually, “badly” doesn’t even do justice. lol

  3. Mikey Says:

    Good for them. Nothing beats creating a foundation for future campaigns. If the party has not ‘elected’ track-record from which to work off of, then they only way the can compete in larger elections is through a huge amount of money to “buy into” the election process by getting air time.

  4. Ron Gunzburger Says:

    Local Planning & Zoning Boards in Florida are not elective offices—they are merely appointed positions. That one was not an AFP “electoral victory.”

  5. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Ahh… very interesting point, thanks for letting us know about that Ron! Seems the AFP’s website is trying to create the impression of an electoral victory.

    On the other hand, the Libertarians do that CONSTANTLY… so it’s not too surprising.

  6. Fred C. Says:

    Wierd, I distinctly remember the AFP billing Martin Scott McClellan as a candidate and then declaring victory after election day.

  7. Austin Cassidy Says:

    You are absolutely right, they put out a press release touting his election.

    Looking at the county’s Supervisor of Elections office, I see no results from this race for 2004. Or, elections for the Planning and Zoning Board in 2002, 2000, 1998, or 1996. Seems… a little inconsistent.

  8. James Miller Says:

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