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Third Party Memorabilia?

I’m curious, do any of you guys (or gals) keep collections or individual items from third party campaigns?

I have a few Perot signs and some assorted Cobb, Badnarik, and Browne literature, stickers, and buttons. Would be interested to know what people have and if anyone might be interested in swapping, etc.

(Interested in not only the Presidential level, but state and local as well.)

4 Responses to “Third Party Memorabilia?”

  1. Fred C Says:

    One cardboard “VOTE FOR PEROT” sign I bought off eBay and a misplaced Browne 2000 bumper sticker. I wanted a VoteNader bumper sticker this last election but the signature-collector I ran into was engrossed in conversation about Hare Krishnism and snobbed me for having a bag of KFC. $2 less for the now indebted Nader campaign.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    That’s professionalism right there! lol

  3. es Says:

    I have a dozen Dean bumper stickers, mint condition…IMO, he counts as his own third party. lol

  4. Eaglet Says:

    I have a bumper sticker that says “Don’t Blame Me, I voted for Peroutka”

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