Libertarians Launch “Exit Strategy” Website

The Libertarian Party has launched an outreach effort claiming to have an answer for the situation in Iraq. Their plan is, basically, withdraw all American troops over the next year and be done with it. In addition to their “plan” the party has posted a petition to try and gather support.

As of this posting, there are 13 signatures.

The LP’s “Exit Plan” For Iraq

UPDATE: There are now 12 signatures as of this moment… one of the posts called the plan outrageous due to the fact that it characterizes Iraqi insurgents as, essentially, freedom fighters. It might have been wise to review each signature before allowing it to appear on the site.

5 Responses to “Libertarians Launch “Exit Strategy” Website”

  1. Mikey Says:

    Currently 123 signatures.

    While I admire their attempt, this really isn’t going to make much of a dent in the current plan to leave Iraq. While I hate to see our men and women placed in harms way, they are there doing a great job to ensure the new Iraq is set to go and under their own protection. Once their next election is over, I would like to see half of our troops start to exit, leaving only those men and women who are necessary to support the new Iraqi Military in their transition to become a strong, reliable force in the country.

    (By the way… the LP should not have made the signature portion of their petition open for comments. It is too easy for someone to take over and use as a flame forum.)

  2. Joe Says:

    While I certainly prefer the Libertarian plan to the current policy, I didn’t sign.

    It seems unnecessarily complicated. Why does withdrawal need to be gradual? I can understand it may not be possible to remove them all in one day, but removing them 11,000 a month at a time is pretty slow.

    And I am surprised to see the Libertarian Party advocating foreign aid for Iraq.

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    It’s been funny to watch them try and delete all the negative comments in a timely fashion… but unless this is going to be paired with some sort of advertising to non-party members, it’s kind of a waste of time.

    The plan itself is kind of a joke, in my opinion. Their master plan is to withdraw troops in equal batches once per month for a year until we’re no longer there. Who could have thought of that? Plus all of the “move 10,000 troops here, and move 20,000 troops there” elements… it’s not really a military plan as much as it is something the people at the LPHQ dreamed up in an afternoon. Probably thought up by a few interns tasked with creating an “exit strategy” after a big lunch.

  4. Mikey Says:

    Unfortunately, if we remove our troops rapidly, we would create a power vacuum in the country, leaving it open for insurgents and terrorists to flood in, overwhelming the young army and police units. This is why the US military has been pushing the Iraqi armies to take the lead in some campaigns so they will be experienced and ready to operate on their own. And since we had already pledged to stay through their next national election, we only have a limited number of months to get these Iraqi’s up to speed. Once the election is over, I would see us removing troops in proportion to the increasing amount of experiences Iraqi forces as to avoid the creation of a power vacuum.

  5. Tim West Says:

    It now ( Friday afternoon ) has around 610 signatures.

    The US has a bad record of having countries who they have left high and dry after war come back even worse. The prime example would be Germany, who we left rot after WW1 and who went through severe Iraq like food shortages and a depression / inflation that left them in tatters, and out of the mess came Adolf Hitler and National Fascism. Today both Germany and Japan are peaceful countrys becuase we did not abandon them like we did Germany after WW1.

    In 21 years, there was a even worse world war becuase we just left like many libertarians are calling for. It may satisfy themselves to call for such a thing, but in the real world it’s better to have a organized withdrawal that attempts to get out with a minimum of casulties.

    The foreign aid (read “war reparations”) largely comes into play due to the fact that we invaded their country under false pretenses and now we have responsibility to clean up out mess. In a libertarian government we would not have ever gone to war agianst Iraq in the first place, but we did, and we have to deal with it. Otherwise we could be looking at worse later. ( see first paragraph)