Two Quick Items…

Constitution Party chairman Jim Clymer has published this article lashing Republicans on the CP’s website.

With slightly more than one month left, the Libertarian Party appears to have reached the 10% mark on their current membership drive. The graphic on the party’s site shows that roughly 500 people have joined or renewed their membership so far. If all of those were at the basic membership level of $25 per year it would represent $12,500 of income for the party.

52 Responses to “Two Quick Items…”

  1. Shaun O Mac Says:

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  2. Mikey Says:

    I thought it was interesting how Clymer said that the Constitution Party needs the Republicans to gain more of a majority to pass the Constitution Party’s agenda of judicial reform. Is this a case of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend?”

    As far as the Libertarian website graphic goes, I can see who they are having problems. Above the graphic, they say the need 5000 more members by July 31st rather than 5000 “new” members. By seeking renewals (though important) and counting them as a goal for “more” people doesn’t do the party any justice. If they changed the graphic to show how many they currently have, and how many new people have joined in the prior month . . . THAT would be better. :)

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    That might also show something like only 200-300 new members in a given month, which is not as an exciting goal.

    I think they’d do better to just try and raise some amount of money. Say $10,000 or something… and have a graphic that updates in real-time as each donation is made.

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