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Washington Libertarians Oppose Gas Tax

The Libertarian Party of Washington has joined a group called “No New Gas Tax” to oppose a state-wide 9.5 cent tax increase on gasoline. The coalition wants to put a question on this Fall’s ballot to repeal the move.

From The Olympian:

    “I just feel that this state is already taxed so high—to the hilt—and our new governor when she was campaigning said no new taxes. The first thing she did was get the gas tax in. I was very disappointed,” said Hoodsport resident Phyllis Monson, a retired Realtor who gave $50 to the No New Gas Tax group.

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One Response to “Washington Libertarians Oppose Gas Tax”

  1. es Says:

    Gas taxes suck…all taxes suck. They should start a statewide campaign to pay $0.09 on the gallon in pennies or something insane…I’d do it. lol

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