Paper Essentially Endorses Potts

The Hampton Roads Daily Press of Virgina published this favorable opinion piece on Independent gubernatorial candidate Russ Potts.

In their piece, the paper seems to essentially endorse Potts while ripping apart his two general election opponants.

So, why Sen. Potts? Because it’s joyously refreshing to hear a candidate speak from the heart, without carefully rehearsed nuances, without an anxious staff member hovering next to him, without guile, without calculation, without conceit and, above all, without the stuff that fertilizes grass.

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One Response to “Paper Essentially Endorses Potts”

  1. Mikey Says:

    I don’t think it’s the paper that is endorsing him, but the op-ed writer. He makes a case against Kilgore and Kaine, but basically is saying Potts is the opposite without listing examples. Sounds vaguely familiar (note Kerry’s campaign).

    The author is also writing from a Hampton’s point of view. He says there hasn’t been addressing of transportation in Virginia for 20 years, while in fact, transportation is the number one issue in Northern VA each election. (I think he needs to go back and do a little more reading before writing his next op-ed.)

    Personally, I have no idea who I’m voting for yet. If Potts doesn’t start advertising (let alone campaigning) in Northern VA, there will be no way he wins the election. The only reason why I know he was running was due to a one-liner in the Washington Post about a month ago.

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