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In the disputed Montana state house race initially tied by Constitution Party candidate Rick Jore and successfully challeneged by the Democratic candidate, the court has ordered Jore to pay all legal fees. However, Judge Kim Christopher has also challenged the state to instead cover all associated fees due to the strange circumstances of the election.

As we reported the other day, independent candidate Russ Potts has qualified for a spot on the ballot in the Virginia gubernatorial race. However, Shirley Harvey of the Green Party failed to collect enough signatures and so we will have only a 3-way race come November.

Russian ecologists have setup a Green Party called the Russian Union of Greens.

Submitted by a frequent reader, this is an interesting look at a High School’s recent “Political Fair” where reprsentatives from major and minor parties occupied booths and spoke to students.

This is a really excellent map detailing the Green Party’s current ballot access situation.

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  1. Shaun O Mac Says:

    How about the American Centrist Party?? Any coverage??

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Well, absolutely. Are they currently doing anything? I’ve not seen any news. The only thing I can find on them is this website…

  3. Stanley H. Says:

    I could be wrong, but didn’t the American Centrist Party have some kind of merger with the American Patriot Party sometime last year? If I’m wrong about that, I apologize.

  4. Fred C. Says:

    The American Centrist Party chairman did sometime last year claim on the APP’s website that he had joined the Patriot Party and was in the process of rolling his organization into the Florida Pat Party. A number of APP members questioned why he was still running his own party organization if his intentions were merger, and we pretty much didnt hear much from him again, IIRC.

  5. Mikey Says:

    Russ Potts is going to make it interesting for both the Democrats and Republicans in Virginia, though he might take more votes away from the Republican candidate in the end.

  6. Eaglet Says:

    It is a shame that Rick Jore is getting punished for running for office. I pray that the fees are withdrawn.

  7. Stanley H. Says:

    Thanks for the info, Fred C.

  8. Stanley H. Says:

    Thanks for the info, Fred C. I really appreciate it.

  9. David Gaines Says:

    Shirley Harvey was not the candidate of the Green Party of Virginia. The GPVA has not nominated any candidates this year. Harvey was nominated by a very non-Green splinter group calling itself the Independent Greens of Virginia, which is an organization that, among other things, has a history of “running” a mix of Republican and Libertarian candidates (something no Green Party would ever do), sometimes without their knowledge or consent. Having failed to put Ms. Harvey on the ballot, they are now, oddly, endorsing Republican Russ Potts for governor, who is running as an independent. Please realize that the gentleman who runs this group uses the phrase “Green Party” at every opportunity and the Virginia media (and web sites such as this one), not knowing anything about his history, will usually simply repeat what he says verbatim. To repeat, Shirley Harvey has nothing to do with the Green Party of Virginia.

  10. Matthew Unger Says:

    I’d like to clarify all the fragmentary info that has been posted thus far.

    1.) Yes, at one point I was thinking of either merging with or running parallel to the APP (American Patriot Party). However, as time went by, I found that the ideals and operation of the APP was not all that I thought it was. The APP soon experienced a “change of management” which was termed a “hijack” by Joe Bellis, the prior Vice Chairman. I officially renounced my membership in the APP, but I still do post on their forum from time to time, as the majority of their platform is quite reasonable.

    2.) I was also looking into the Independence Party of Florida IPF. They are an established party with an alleged huge membership. However, during the hurricanes of 2004, the Chairman was out of touch (understandable). The thing that turned me off was that they consistently complained of not having money, which in of itself is no biggie, but E-Mails began to question members’ dedication to “the cause” if they didn’t contribute.

    3.) I have been updating the website since May. There was indeed a lapse in updates due to various work and family issues. I was also the victim of a hit & run motor-vehicle accident in early April. However, regular updates have been posted to the website.

    The ACP has been growing steadily and has been discussed and/or listed on several other websites around the Internet.

    If you require any further information, please do feel free to contact me:
    [email protected]

    Matt Unger
    Nat’l Chair/Founder, ACP

  11. Adam's Thoughts Says:


    A Few News ItemsÂ… [Third Party Watch]

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