University Fires Nazi

Fairleigh Dickinson University has fired adjunct professor Jacques Pluss for supposedly missing too many classes. However, Pluss claims he was fired for his political views. Turns out, Pluss is an active member of the American Nazi Party.

From Inside Higher Ed:

One student, however, was quoted as saying that in hindsight she could see things about his teaching that were unusual, such as an assignment that students write a journal from the perspective of a German soldier during World War II.


He also declined to elaborate on quotations in The Equinox, from an interview he gave that paper and from radio shows, but he said that the quotes were correct. Among those comments, he called Fairleigh Dickinson a “heavily Judaized institution” that had taken “the typical Jewish, lawyerly, Hebrew line” in dismissing him. The Equinox also said that he used racial slurs to describe black basketball players at the university.


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7 Responses to “University Fires Nazi”

  1. es Says:

    Sounds like he was probably kicked out for being a Nazi…someone found out and it happened that he also missed a few classes, so they had a pretense. However, I wonder why he didn’t stay at William Paterson?

    IMO, his Nazi membership should not get him kicked out, despite however much it may be disliked…even if he were open about it. What should get him booted is if he openly calls anyone names, says something crazy about Jews, etc., which is the same standard applied to everyone else.

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