Assorted News Items

New Hampshire Libertarian Russell Kanning made national headlines when he symbolicly defied airport security at the Manchester Airport and was arrested.

Minnesota has lowered the bar for establishing “major party” status. The Green Party, which lost that standing in 2004 due to David Cobb’s poor showing in the Presidential election, now appears poised to take advantage of this change.

And the always-crazy American Nazi Party has posted a review of “Cinderella Man” on their website. The Nazis enjoyed the movie… “If you like to see a White man pounding on negro “hollywood hero’s”, and even an ugly, arrogant JEW SUPREMACIST ( boxer Max Baer, the father of “Jethro” of the Beverly Hillbillies ) who wore a HUGE “Star of David” on his boxing trunks…you’ll love this movie, and the story behind it. “ Yikes!

3 Responses to “Assorted News Items”

  1. Douglas E. Says:

    Boy the Nazis really don’t know how to use CAPS LOCK properly.

  2. es Says:

    That’s probably how they talk in real life.

  3. es Says:

    By the way, Russel Kanning needs a good caning, as his name suggests. What a moron! The media is stupid too, for reporting this as if his carrying the Bible and the DoI had anything to do with not being able to get on the plane. It’s really too bad they didn’t arrest him.

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